Nasrallah: Axis of Resistance to Emerge Victorious from Global War on It in All Countries

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced Tuesday that the so-called “axis of resistance” will emerge victorious from the conflicts in the region.

“The axis of resistance will emerge victorious and stronger from this global war against it in all countries,” said Nasrallah in a televised speech commemorating late scholar Sheikh Abdul Nasser Jabri.

“The resistance is being targeted today and one of the most dangerous objectives of the war that has been raging in the region since several years is the war on the resistance and the war on the axis of resistance, and this fact is manifesting itself day after day,” Nasrallah added.

He warned that some forces are seeking to “destroy the Arab armies for the sake of Israel and to topple the resisting Arab regimes for the sake of Israel.”

“After the resistance humiliated the Israeli army in Lebanon and Palestine, there are efforts to destroy the region's armies for the sake of the Israeli army,” Nasrallah went on to say.

In a televised speech on Friday, Nasrallah had said that the Syrian army's win in the city of Aleppo had put an end to any hopes Bashar Assad's regime would collapse.

"After Aleppo, one can comfortably say that the goal of regime downfall has failed," said Nasrallah, whose armed party has fought alongside Assad's forces since 2013.

"What happened in Aleppo over these past long months... was a real war, one of the toughest battles that Syria has seen, and one of the toughest battles that the region has seen in years," Nasrallah said.

He described the Syrian government's win there as "a big victory for the side confronting terrorism."

In addition to help from Hizbullah, the Damascus regime has been bolstered by its allies Iran and Russia, while rebels have been backed by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and some western powers.

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Thumb EagleDawn 27 December 2016, 17:33

the day this iranian shia sectarian terrorist is brutally murdered is the day we celebrate our independence.

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2016, 18:13

The day you people are destroyed completely in Syria and elsewhere, is the day we celebrate our freedom.

Thumb justin 27 December 2016, 18:26

but why? You always said the iranian resistance has already liberated you and made you proud.... why do you still feel you are in captivity?

Thumb galaxy 27 December 2016, 19:31

the shias are always oppressed and victimized.... the core foundation of their heretic beliefs.

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2016, 20:28

Victimized. Now now, wasen't it France that turned off the lights on the Eiffel, when you wahabi people got defeated in Aleppo?

You people are quick to cry for Western sympathy.

Thumb _mowaten_ 28 December 2016, 12:02

lol eagleyawn repeating his mantra everyday, sounds like a desperate prayer for a desperate loser.

Thumb EagleDawn 28 December 2016, 13:02

go hang yourself from a crane in central tehran or sit on a mine or better yet go finish your lobotomy, seems they missed a few spots. It's painful to watch you suffer like this.

Thumb _mowaten_ 28 December 2016, 17:48

you sound bitter, loser :)

Thumb saturn 27 December 2016, 17:43

You're absolutely right, Fidel is gone, you're next.

Thumb Puppet 27 December 2016, 17:54

I respect Mr. Saturn because he knows milk is not always white.

Missing peace007 27 December 2016, 17:56

Independence??? Lol.

Thumb Puppet 27 December 2016, 18:05

All my respect and admiration go to Sayed Hassan Nassrallah for saying "the resistance humiliated the Israeli army in Lebanon and Palestine"

Missing rabbishlomo 27 December 2016, 20:06

I also respect Nassrallah! When he speaks, you listen.

Thumb 7ajeh7ayat 27 December 2016, 18:15

Nasrallah mourning Iran's own local Salafi Lord Haw-Haw. Sheikh Fathi Yakan and this guy recruited hundreds of poor Lebanese Sunni youth for the Syrian regime to send to Iraq to "fight the American infidels". Needless to say most where lost while "performing their Jihadi duty".
If Omar Bakri does another about face Nasrallah will honor him the in a similar fashion when shuffles off to that great Harem and sauna in hell where all Jihadi performers go.

Thumb shab 27 December 2016, 18:26

Why numerous pep speeches? Scaring your sheep with "Israel", pathetic.
By the way, filthy murdering militia

Thumb Elemental 27 December 2016, 20:10

More takia garbage.

Thumb justice 27 December 2016, 20:15

surely, the israeli enemy was humiliated when it saw dahieh bombed to rubble, our airport destroyed and closed, our port under siege, and the entirety of our infrastructure destroyed.... that's how you humiliate the enemy.

Filthy takiah peddler

Thumb warrior 28 December 2016, 03:44

according to this sick sectarian's interpretation of humiliation, the people of Aleppo humiliated the Russians, the regime forces, the Iranians and their shia militias;)

Thumb thepatriot 28 December 2016, 12:25

The Syrian Army, their barrel bombs, the Russian Airforce, Syrian Militia, Hezbolla, Iranian Guards, fire power, tens of thousands of men... vs militia men... and they call it another divine victory!? "one of the toughest battle that the region has seen in years"..."a big victory"... LOL... without the Russian Jets... this would be going on...

Thumb Mystic 28 December 2016, 14:47

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey. Billions of aid and weapons from the West.

Limitless salafis crossing from Turkey. Yet you failed and got defeated.

Default-user-icon billions and billions (Guest) 28 December 2016, 15:55

Billions you say yet no anti air rocket which is the only types of weapons they really needed. The regular weapons they got from the fleeing the Syrian cartoon and Maliki's paper armies. You guys of the bee3a al hadinat lil Iranian mercs are prone to exaggeration Imagination and that somewhat amusing in a childlike way.

Thumb thepatriot 29 December 2016, 13:32

Well, I failed nothing, for it is not my fight. I despise ISIS more than you do my friend, but I despise Bashar, Ebola, and all this propaganda equally.
As for your argument of Billions and weapons"... it is BS. They have no heavy artillery. And should they have any, it would be immediately be pounded by the Russian Jets. Let's stick to reality Mastika... cut off the drugs...