Aude: Country Ruled by Armed Group and Person You All Know


Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Beirut Elias Aude on Sunday decried that Lebanon is being ruled by one “person” and an “armed group.”

“Today, this country is being ruled by a person you all know, and no one is saying a word, and it is being ruled by a group hiding behind arms,” Aude said in a sermon marking the 14th anniversary of the assassination of the journalist Gebran Tueni.

“What has scared officials and is still scaring them is the voice of right and truth, the voice of the hungry and suffering people, the voice of everyone who cherishes the country,” Aude added.

“The ruling authority has been sentenced to death while the people and their country will only find resurrection and victory. The birth of a new Lebanon is nearing,” the metropolitan went on to say.

Commenting on the protests that have been sweeping the country since October 17, Aude said the Lebanese who are on the streets are “sacrificing a lot for the sake of a future whose fathers and grandfathers had waited but did not get.”

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Thumb justice 08 December 2019, 14:40

A man of courage! God Bless Him.

Thumb gebran_sons 09 December 2019, 07:52

Thank you Metropolitan Aude. Your courage is unique. x Hizbollah is the source of our economic and political problems. They are created, funded and indoctrinated by Iran criminal regime and therefore foreign agents that should be put in prison. Many hired guns will criticize you as we heard them before when Syrian criminal regime were running the Country. The hired critics are traitors but the voice of truth is stronger and all these selling Lebanon's sovereignty will face the people soon.

Missing cedars 08 December 2019, 15:01

The courageous man to speak truth.

Thumb Nade 08 December 2019, 15:49

You said it. I will not expect others to stand to the plate to join him and openly say the same. God bless you

Thumb rolfmao. 08 December 2019, 16:19

Metropolitan Elias Aude's speech, plus

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 08 December 2019, 16:19

The spiritual leader of the revolution

Thumb doodle-dude 08 December 2019, 18:15

lol @ Rhinoyo who is from a sect that 90% of the protesters follow.

Thumb roflmfao 08 December 2019, 22:42

Dude.. Roniyo.. do you know Leo.. the Filipino salad man?..

Thumb Geralt 09 December 2019, 13:09

Roniyo? Seriously that is what you could find as an additional nickname ya Tric.Portugal? your lack of imagination shows your an FPM partisan.

Missing B.K.L 08 December 2019, 17:27

"you know who". Why not say the names instead?

Thumb lebanon_first 08 December 2019, 19:33

When the greek orthodox elite were ruling lebanon, under charles debbas, the country was in excellent shape. Until they repaced orthodox with maronite peasants promoted to become army types, and it went downhill from there.

Worse. When they replaced foreign ministers,the Charles Malek and Fouad Boutros with shias then with maronite puppets like bassil then our image in the world plummeted.

So Roniya, 3a rassak th sect that 90% dont follow.

Missing un520 08 December 2019, 20:47

Because less is more. By not naming him (Nasrallah), his point is underlined.

Thumb Mystic 09 December 2019, 00:22

Liberals in Lebanon are agents of America and that is a fact.

Thumb chrisrushlau 10 December 2019, 01:12

The problem is the Constitution. When Article 24 says half of parliamentary seats must go to Christians, that lets in the Maronites. Obviously, to judge from the comments here, only Greek Orthodox Christians can be trusted to rule Lebanon.
They alone have the true Christian spirit of hating Shias because Shias are the majority of Lebanese who put Greek Orthodox privilege in a dubious light. This is as Christ would have done: kiss your enemy on the cheek and then stab him in the back. Greek Orthodox have nothing against majority rule as long as they are the majority. A Greek Orthodox and democratic state, that's what Greek Orthodox Lebanese want: they have a right to their security and legitimacy. What's the word for hatred of Greek Orthodox Christians? Anti-something-ism.

Missing cedars 09 December 2019, 02:50

What's wrong with being agent to the strongest, wealthy country? Are you not dying for a dollar these days?

Are you not dying to exchange Iranian and Syrian bills to dollar?
Face the facts once in your life.

Thumb warrior 09 December 2019, 05:33

and if the government is the root cause of corruption, what do you suggest ya heretic?

Thumb thepatriot 09 December 2019, 09:56

Mastica... listen to yourself... You see Americans, Jews, Israelis, Zionists or Wahhabis in each one of your posts! You are completely sick man... or simply brainwashed...

Missing samiam 09 December 2019, 05:50

He called it the way it is and was way blunt about it, and the kizb and its supporters are not happy about it. God bless this man.