Israel Sends Spy Balloon over Lebanese Town


The Israeli army on Saturday sent a spy balloon over the Lebanese border town of Houla, Lebanon’s National News Agency said.

The agency said the balloon hovered over the town for 15 minutes.

Cautious calm is meanwhile engulfing the Lebanese-Israeli border, NNA added.

Tensions have surged in the border area since Israel killed a Hizbullah militant in an airstrike in Syria.

On Monday, Israel shelled Lebanese border areas after accusing Hizbullah of staging an infiltration attempt. The Iran-backed group denied involvement in any activity on the border but vowed that its retaliation to the Syria raid will certainly come.

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Missing phillipo 01 August 2020, 17:03

"The Iran-backed group denied involvement in any activity on the border" but doesn't deny that they are there illegally in violation of resolution 1701.

Default-user-icon Raja Sidhu (Guest) 01 August 2020, 17:32

pls.....Israel violate Lebanese airspace all day long

Missing lebanese4lyfe 01 August 2020, 18:03

Israel violates lebanese air space everyday, get over it

Missing phillipo 01 August 2020, 18:43

Almost certainly it wouldn't need to if Lebanon didn't allow Hizballah violate Resolution 1701, morning, day and night.

Default-user-icon Ziad (Guest) 03 August 2020, 03:17

Which would also mean that Israel should stop occupying Lebanese land.

Why should 1 party uphold all the resolution conditions when the other isn't?

Missing un520 01 August 2020, 18:55

Is the orange colour to celebrate Michel Aoun?