Fahmi Says to Advise Lockdown Extension


Caretaker Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi said he will recommend an extension of a total lockdown imposed in the country taking into consideration the uncontrollable increase in deaths due to the spread of coronavirus, Nidaa al-Watan newspaper reported Wednesday.

He revealed that he would recommend the Higher Defense Council to extend the lockdown because the proposed period (11 days) is not sufficient due to the high numbers of infections and deaths.

"The recommendations of the Scientific Committee will be taken into account," added Fahmi.

“There is great commitment on part of the Lebanese regarding the general closing procedures,” he added, pointing to “a state of fear sweeping them which helped the lockdown to succeed.”

“Security forces have strict orders not to be complacent, and fines will be issued against those who violate the regulation rules,” said the Minister.

President Michel Aoun called the Higher Defense Council for an “urgent” meeting on January 21 at Baabda Presidential Palace to address the health situation in the country.

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