Report: Germany Suggests Plan to Rebuild Devastated Beirut Port


Eight months after the devastating Beirut port explosion, Germany will reportedly suggest a plan to rebuild the port in a bid to encourage Lebanese leaders to form a much-needed government in crisis-wracked Lebanon, media reports said Friday.

Unnamed sources revealed that Germany is going to present to the Lebanese authorities next week a “conditional” plan costing billions of dollars to rebuild the Beirut port as part of efforts to urge the country's politicians to form a government capable of avoiding an economic collapse.

According to diplomatic sources familiar with the plan, Germany and France are seeking to lead the reconstruction efforts.

On April 7th, they said, Berlin will put forward a proposal that the European Investment Bank agreed to help finance, under which the port area would be evacuated and facilities rebuilt.

One of the sources estimated the EIB financing between two billion and three billion euros.

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Thumb 02 April 2021, 10:29

We should get the Netherlands or Belgium to work on our port.... not Germany!

Missing cedars 02 April 2021, 13:52

Deal with the same people that bombed the airport or deal with new young people not ruled by this same troyca

Default-user-icon SJW123 (Guest) 03 April 2021, 02:45

German economy has high levels of savings. In this deflationary time where fiat money is devaluating by the second and assets inflating, they need to spend it so it does not loose value. Hnce putting lebanon at yet another lending spree.