Arslan reacts after Bukhari hails 'fall of betrayal and treason icons'


Lebanese Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan on Tuesday decried “a black point in the history of Saudi diplomacy,” in response to remarks by Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid Bukhari about the pro-Syria politicians who lost their seats in the latest parliamentary elections.

“We have always been accustomed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a backer of Lebanon and all Lebanese throughout history, and no matter how much circumstances changed, it maintained its cordial rhetoric toward us,” Arslan said in a statement.

Bukhari had on Monday hosted at his residence a ceremony commemorating slain Grand Mufti Sheikh Hassan Khaled, who assassinated in 1989.

“Mufti Hassan Khaled’s assassination was a prelude to the assassination of entire Lebanon, which is living difficult days at all levels, topped by its Arab identity and its relations with its Arab neighborhood,” Bukhari said.

“I announce to Mufti Hassan Khaled the good news of the honorable elections results and the fall of all the icons of betrayal, treason, death and hatred,” the ambassador added, apparently referring to Arslan, Wiam Wahhab, Asaad Hardan, Elie Ferzli and Faisal Karami.

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