One soldier killed, five injured in army raid in Baalbek


A soldier was killed Friday and five others were injured in an exchange of fire during a raid carried out by the Lebanese Army in Baalbek.

The army announced in a statement the death of its soldier.

It added that the soldiers have arrested a number of wanted persons in al-Shrawneh neighborhood in Baalbek.

Media reports said the army arrested 4 persons related to a drug dealer nicknamed "Abu Salleh" who managed to escape.

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Thumb ansarullah 03 June 2022, 13:41

God bless our Shia resistance for protecting our national army and supporting it against the takfiris who harbor ill will against our beloved country. The wahabis supported by the Saudi-American-Israeli-Bahraini-Ukrani-Bengali-Sudani-Emirati coalition are causing strife and incitement in Baalbck against the army. However, all their evil schemes will fail.

Shia Shea Shia !!!

Missing HellAndWaite 03 June 2022, 18:14

"Resistance" is a lie.

Fatimid were driven from Morocco and from each place they occupied along the path to oblivion.

Thumb justin 05 June 2022, 15:16


Thumb Geralt 03 June 2022, 13:51

@ A soldier was killed Friday. May his soul rest in peace and appease the aching hearts of his family and friends!

Thumb SheikYerbouti 03 June 2022, 15:56

The resistance at its finest, Ali Zaiter AKA "Abu Salleh".