Bassil urges Israel to answer Lebanon, warns over Karish ship


Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil has called on Israel to "answer" Lebanon regarding its sea border demarcation proposal or risk facing "dangerous escalation."

"The dissolution of the parliament in Israel does not justify for it not to answer regarding the possible solution for sea lines and fields," Bassil tweeted.

"The Israeli government can achieve the solution if it wants, or else it has to withdraw the (Greek) ship away from the Karish field, seeing as it is not enough for it to be present south of Line 29," Bassil added.

Israel should do this "if it wants to avoid a dangerous escalation," the FPM chief warned.

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Thumb marcus 25 June 2022, 14:08

Such a powerful man!

Missing phillipo 25 June 2022, 15:38

It is preferable that before complaining about Israel, the Lebanese themselves should decide what their position is.
President Aoun and his people have presented the mediator a proposal based on Line 23, so why is Mr. Bassal sticking his "proposal" regarding Line 29?

Missing Cheesecake 26 June 2022, 15:00

It is preferable that your zionist state stops killing children. It is preferable that you stop supporting terrorists before lecturing the lebanese on anything.

Missing phillipo 26 June 2022, 19:24

Do you want a list of all the Israeli children murdered by your Hizballah terrorists? There are no terrorist organisations operating from Israeli soil, but there is Hizballah operating a state within a state inside Lebanon.

Missing samiam 25 June 2022, 19:30

Such a brave man trying to pretend that he and his party haven't failed in the ministry of ENERGY. This is what he was after the whole time as we all know.