Bassil: Audit won't die as long as President is behind it


Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil stressed Monday that the forensic audit into the central bank’s accounts “will not die.”

“More than two years have passed since the government approved the forensic audit into the central bank! Despite all the obstacles, difficulties and procrastination, the Alvarez & Marsal firm has become in Lebanon and is ready to start its work today,” Bassil tweeted.

“They have 12 weeks to deliver the preliminary report. Only God knows what we will discover… The audit will not die as long as the President (Michel Aoun) is behind it,” Bassil stressed.

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Missing samiam 27 June 2022, 14:50

I for one, want to also see an audit of the ministry of energy. Amazing feat of spending so much money and getting nothing for it.

Thumb gebran_sons 27 June 2022, 15:07

Lebanon/FPM wasted $45 billion on EDL+interest mostly on corruption and produced worst utility system in the world. Converting Power to 100% renewable could have been done with $22 billion. Egypt is a grand example what $45 billion could have been invested in from the largest fishery, major new transportation corridors with modern rail and hub stations, a new capital city of smart skyscrapers and advanced infrastructure, major irrigation and agricultural expansion projects, new Suez canal, new touristic cities (Al-Alamein, etc), world class technologically advanced museums, redeveloping rundown cities around archeological sites with new urbanism and green spaces, new world class industrial centers integrating advanced AI and robotics… all accomplished in few years despite the pandemic and low income from tourism. Any Audit should start with power ministry that bankrupted Lebanon and is full of corruption and political appointments!

Thumb justin 27 June 2022, 15:50

Bassil: Audit won't die as long as President is behind it

What if he dies first?

Thumb gebran_sons 27 June 2022, 16:10

Without EDL cumulative deficit from corruption/political appointments interest rate should never exceeded 6% and Lebanon should never defaulted. With Rafiq Hariri international connections, Beirut redevelopment, lira stability, affluent diaspora & education system, Lebanon should have become new Singapore with highest standard of living. All changed after Hizbollah’s assassination of Hariri, 2006 War, Duo freezing of government for 2 years to prevent international court which destroyed downtown Beirut and Lebanese attractiveness and reputation; and Hizb/FPM preventing election until Aoun, Hizb’s marionette, was elected president. Shame on all media for not once inviting risk management experts to quantify the cost of Hizbollah militia, political instability or FPM corruption. Risk management is a near exact science and foundation for insurance and planning. Sooner or later these analyses will be done so Lebanese clearly understand who took them to hell

Thumb SheikYerbouti 27 June 2022, 17:42

Bassil also said: Audit of the Ministry of Energy and Water won't start as long as President is around.

Missing cedars 28 June 2022, 12:54

Dude, can we audit the parliament votes too, simply because we want to know how you got re-elected and you are most corrupt and hated dude.

We want to discover how you switched the voting ballots.