Aoun says no partnership with Israel as Israelis discuss Qana with TotalEnergies


President Michel Aoun announced Monday that there will be no “partnership” with Israel in the offshore gas fields, as an Israeli media report said Israel is discussing its “share” in Lebanon’s Qana field with French oil giant TotalEnergies.

“Lebanon will today decide its stance on the written proposal presented by U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein in consultation with Speaker Nabih Berri and PM-designate Najib Mikati and in light of the observations of the technical committee formed for this purpose,” Aoun said in a Baabda meeting with Anne Gueguen, the head of the MENA region at the French foreign ministry.

He added that over the past months he was “keen on guaranteeing Lebanon’s rights in its waters and on providing the appropriate circumstances for the launch of exploration operations in the oil and gas fields specified in the exclusive economic zone, which the TotalEnergies firm is supposed to begin.”

Stressing that “there won’t be any partnership with the Israeli side,” Aoun hoped exploration in Lebanon’s waters would “represent a positive beginning that would help Lebanon’s economy rise once again after the deterioration of the past years.”

Israel's state-run radio network meanwhile reported that the director general of Israel’s energy ministry was discussing with TotalEnergies Israel's “share” from the Qana field revenues.

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Thumb 03 October 2022, 15:07

What's in the maritime border deal?

Israel will receive royalties from gas that Lebanon extracts in the disputed area of the Mediterranean Sea, Prime Minister Yair Lapid revealed at Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

The royalties deal will be worked out in advance between Israel and the gas consortium led by French energy company Total, which has the Lebanese license to extract gas from the Kana field; it will be an agreement on how to calculate the compensation for Israel, since exploration has not yet begun and the amount of gas in the reservoir remains unknown.

In addition, the agreement includes recognition of what Israel calls the “buoys line,” which extends 5 km. into the sea from Rosh Hanikra, on the border with Lebanon.

“Anchoring the ‘buoys line’ as part of the agreement will allow us to treat it as our territorial line in the water, without opposition from UNIFIL,” the source explained.

Thumb 03 October 2022, 15:07

We’re about to get majorly ripped off by the ethnically European invaders and thieves .

Missing arturo 03 October 2022, 18:32

Hezbollah is not European.

Thumb 03 October 2022, 20:05

I was referring to your kind, which is also mine a bit since I have European Jewish ascendancy.

You can change your family names that end with man, baum, ski, witz , thal, stein and all their variants you’ll never be ethnic semites . All Ashkenazi and sefaradis are pure European byproducts, converts.

Missing phillipo 03 October 2022, 16:19

As usual, the Lebanese side is willing to give up certain high income from its part of the Qana field, as long as they don't have to negotiate wiyth Israel.
One of these days / months / years the Lebanese economists are going to have to explain to the politicians that any percentage of 100 is still a lot more than 100% of 0.

Missing Cheesecake 03 October 2022, 18:18

And who gave you the right to steal whats not yours exactly? You have some nerve trying to convince people to take "what they can get" and just accept that israel does whatever it wants. I bet you even think you're being nice giving us crumbs of whats ours. Shameless killers of children.

Thumb 03 October 2022, 20:06

Écrit il y a 4 siècles et rien n’a changé depuis!