Shea tells Bou Saab of need for fast response to Hochstein proposal


Deputy Speaker Elias Bou Saab met Tuesday in parliament with U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea.

Bou Saab briefed the ambassador on the outcome of the talks that were held Monday in Baabda over the sea border demarcation file and on the final remarks that were presented by the Lebanese side regarding U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein’s final proposal.

Shea for her part stressed the need to speed up the finalization of the Lebanese response, adding that her country is keen on wrapping up the file as soon as possible.

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Thumb cedar 04 October 2022, 20:34

It's not about what is best for America or Israel or the corrupt Lebanese politicians, it's about what is best for the future of Lebanon and the Lebanese people.

The border is horizontal not diagonal as purported nowadays. It's been horizontal since 1943 and the creation of Lebanon before Israel was created.

All of the Qana and Karish field is Lebanese. Even the Tanin and Tamar fields are in real horizontal Lebanese territory.

Enough corruption!!! Half of the profits of the Tamar and Tanin field must be for Lebanon and the entire Karish field is fully Lebanese !