Geagea urges action on refugee crisis instead of words


Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea on Monday acknowledged that the Syrian refugee crisis has become an “existential threat” for Lebanon, calling for measures by the government instead of “statements and political exploitation.”

“The Free Patriotic Movement and its allies don’t represent a mere majority in the government but rather the entire caretaker Cabinet, so why doesn’t this government convene and give clear and very specific executive orders to all the security agencies that are concerned with implementing the Lebanese laws?” Geagea wondered.

“Following up on this step in a strenuous and serious manner by the relevant ministers, especially the ministers of interior, defense and justice, is the only thing that can fend off this existential threat from Lebanon, while statements and political exploitation will only lead to deepening the crisis and making it more and more widespread,” the LF leader warned.

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Thumb 02 October 2023, 15:53

We’ve known this since 2011, in every street corner you bump into a Syrian. What has he done about it ever since? Nothing. All he and the others have done is talk, because talk is free.

A way to solve this would be to authorize migrants to take the sea and sail to Europe . Cut ties with Cyprus and make any repatriation illegal. Let the Europeans who welcome ukranian refugees and find them housing and give them a monthly allowance of a thousand euros show how sincere they’re about humanity.