Report: Hezbollah wants 'amended Taif' or 'new Doha' to give up Franjieh


The dependence of the solution in Lebanon on regional solutions has further complicated the country’s crisis, informed sources said.

“The problem is currently linked to Hezbollah’s attempt to guarantee the continuity of its weapons through a decisive power structure, laying out a series of conditions to give up Suleiman Franjieh’s presidential nomination and accept a third choice as per the five-nation committee’s demand,” the sources told Kuwait’s al-Anbaa newspaper in remarks published Tuesday.

According to the sources, the conditions include “modifying the Taef Accord or striking a new Doha Agreement, as happened in 2008, which gives the Defiance camp a blocking one-third-plus-one share in Cabinet, or else the party will keep clinging to Franjieh’s nomination.”

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Thumb gebran_sons 03 October 2023, 17:08

Frangieh, another Disposable Useful Idiot helping destroy a Country and facilitating Basij occupation for personal benefits. Cheaply selling our freedom, democracy, sovereignty, justice and dignity for 30 pieces of silver.

Missing gabriel01 04 October 2023, 01:53

The hezb wants to be able to kill women who don’t wear the hijab like their masters in Tehran.

Missing hajjradwan 04 October 2023, 02:28

So when their officials keep repeating that Hezbollah backs Taef Accord and are not looking to change it, they lie. I guess when you are in the habit of lying all the time, telling the truth becomes a foreign concept.