German FM to visit Lebanon next week


German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock will travel to Lebanon for talks with officials in Beirut, including the migration minister.

Baerbock's discussions with officials would focus on "the war in Gaza and the continuing catastrophic humanitarian situation", as well as "the question of what a future could look like that allows Israelis and Palestinians to live together in safety", the ministry spokeswoman said.

"The particularly tense and dangerous situation on the border between Israel and Lebanon," would also be discussed on the trip.

Before traveling to Lebanon, Baerbock will visit Israel and the occupied West Bank.

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Thumb 21 June 2024, 14:26

The grandfather of Annalena Baerbock, Waldemar Baerbock was an ardent Nazi and officer in the Wehrmacht and was awarded one of the Third Reich's highest military honors, the Cross of War Merit in 1944. After genociding the Jews, the Slavs, the gypsies, the communists in the 1940s, the German granddaughter is into genociding the Palestinians in their own land.

Thumb justin 22 June 2024, 00:28

She should not b e welcomed in our country. She is a as much of a criminal as Netanyahu and the rest of the Zionists.