Report: Gallant agreed with US officials that war on Lebanon would be too costly


Western diplomatic sources did not sense a serious desire from Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant for an all-out war on Lebanon during his latest visit to Washington, a media report said on Friday.

“Despite the public threats, the majority of which are for consumption and are targeted at the Israeli interior, there was consensus with the U.S. officials that although the situation is unbearable on the northern front, and although the war’s goals are legitimate from an Israeli viewpoint, there is no ability to achieve them without triggering a regional confrontation, not to mention the strategic damages that will affect Israel,” ad-Diyar newspaper reported.

Gallant said Wednesday that Israel does not want war in Lebanon but could send its neighbor "back to the Stone Age."

"We do not want war, but we are preparing for every scenario," he told reporters.

"Hezbollah understands very well that we can inflict massive damage in Lebanon if a war is launched," he said.

Israel's allies, including key defense backer the United States, have been keen to avoid such an eventuality. A U.S. official said Washington was engaged in "fairly intensive conversations" with Israel, Lebanon and other actors, and believed that no side sought a "major escalation."

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told Gallant on Tuesday that another war with Hezbollah could have "terrible consequences for the Middle East," and urged a diplomatic solution.

U.S. officials including Secretary of State Antony Blinken have voiced hope that a ceasefire in Gaza could lead to a reduction in hostilities on the Lebanese border as well.

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Missing 1948 28 June 2024, 18:41

the terror state is very scared of attacking Hezbollah.

Thumb chrisrushlau 29 June 2024, 02:25

Gallant reportedly told President Biden that Zionism is racism and must be unequivocally condemned.