Seven Injured in Tyre Restaurant Blast

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Seven people were injured when an explosion apparently caused by a bomb shook a restaurant in the southern Lebanese coastal town of Tyre, a Lebanese security source said Monday.

The blast occurred at midnight Sunday in the elevator of the Notion restaurant, injuring seven people who were hospitalized, the source added.

A policeman stated that a bomb had apparently been placed in the lift. It exploded on the fourth floor of the building where the restaurant is situated.

The Notion is known for its dance parties in the Shiite-dominated region.

A security perimeter was set up around the scene of the blast. Chunks of stone and shards of glass were strewn around up to 1,000 meters from the blast.

Several restaurants in the region have been damaged by bombs in recent months, the last in December. Two explosions have also targeted shops selling alcohol.

Tyre is one of the few towns in south Lebanon where alcohol is served in restaurants, which brings in tourists including members of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), but the recent blasts have caused several restaurants to ban alcohol.

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Missing helicopter 23 April 2012, 07:33

Between the Salafis and Welayat Al khalif Lebanon is doomed. If good people do nothing evil will take over.

Missing helicopter 23 April 2012, 07:33

I meant to say welayat el Faqih also

Default-user-icon Rami (Guest) 23 April 2012, 07:58

Implementation of the mini Iran project has started.

Thumb cedar 23 April 2012, 07:59

helecopter you are right, the correct saying is:

"All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

Default-user-icon Colonized (Guest) 23 April 2012, 10:49

Worse is UNIFIL and the foreign NGOs.

Default-user-icon raja Chemayel (Guest) 23 April 2012, 12:08

it remains to see who really planted this bomb.

Default-user-icon لبناني عتيق (Guest) 23 April 2012, 12:34

أعتقد انه على لبنان أن يتخلص من الطائفية البغيضة والتي تتجلى بكل موضوعية وبحث دقيق من خلال 3 أفرقاء:
- الشيخ أحمد الأسير وتحريضه المتجدد
- حزب الله ومشروعه الإلغائي للآخر والذي لم يجرؤ السيد حسن نصرالله على أن يقول نحن ضده (قال أن مشروع الدولة الإسلامية كان مشروع سابق إلا أنه إذا دققنا في حديثه لم يقل أن هذا لم يعد مشروعه)
- التيار الوطني الحر الذي يعتمد حاليا خطاب طائفي مذهبي قبيح يفصل لبنان عن محيطه العربي بتخويفه من "أمة المستقبل" ومن السنة عامة


Missing youssefhaddad 23 April 2012, 12:57

Islamic extremism either Sunni or Shiite presents a threat to all and mainly to the Muslim Lebanese.
"Virtue" cannot be imposed by force.

Missing ulpianus 24 April 2012, 03:21

There is lots of christian extremism in the world, that however is not in the spotlight of the massmedia, because of certain interests....

Extremism is dangerous from all sides.

Default-user-icon LebExile (Guest) 23 April 2012, 14:34

Who else is armed and refuses to hand over their weapons? Who else is there to blame?
Of course this explosion benefits Hezbollah - so that the shia of the south cannot benefit from tourism revenue, they are more reliant on Hezbollah handouts - and when the next war comes, and all the tourists flee the country - the shia will not be so upset about it - cause they will not have lost anything, but their hezbollah handouts will still come trickling in...

Missing peace 23 April 2012, 17:26

be it salafis or hezbis the result is the same= intolerance...

salafis are sunni extremist when hezbi are shiites extremists, a lot in common!
hezb bans alcohol and people from coming to lebanon which is not a great sign of tolerance either...

those funny guys who defend hezb haven t noticced that they called themselves islamic resistance? so if they are logic with themselves they should be against both sides, but logic isn t in the vocabulary of M8 people....

Thumb beiruti 23 April 2012, 17:41

In civilized countries, there is a vote to ban alcohol sales in certain jurisdictions. In the USA, some parts of the South, just as in south Lebanon do not permit the consumption of alchohol. Possession, much less consumption of spirits, or wine or beer is illegal.
In uncivilized Hezbollahstan, if you disapprove of alchohol consumption in your jurisdiction, you plant a bomb and kill people who engage in activity that is not in keeping with your religious beliefs.

Missing ulpianus 24 April 2012, 03:20

In many states its forbidden to drink alcohol in public in the US also but as you said, it´s a legal issue.

Thumb bigsami 23 April 2012, 17:43

"third and finally, if hezbollah wanted this restaurant, or any other in the region, closed, then it would be closed, without the need for an explosion."....your dead WRONG M. As much as they would love to follow your statement that will only come back to hurt the party as everyone will see their true ideologies/background which is brutal barbaric ruling through the illegitimate use of weapons. So how can these scums force their rules down our throats is by such cowardly actions as these bombings. Intimidate and scare business owners out by killing. Eventually the plan will surface whereby they will turn Lebanon into a mini-Iran and take all our rights away. SCUMS is too nice of a word for them....

Default-user-icon yaacov benyamin ha-kohen ben-arieh (Guest) 23 April 2012, 18:14

soon the islamic winter will spread to lebanon

Default-user-icon truthBeTold (Guest) 23 April 2012, 20:52

Okay Mowaten so by your logic if they wanted it done they could have it done right? and they have the power to get MPs ministers and mayors to do it.. Well they also have the means and surveillance to know who is causing this trouble in the south as they are so powerful... How come they haven't found out who has been targeting these alcohol serving restaurants.. How come its only happening in the south? Or are you saying they can fight Israel and claim to be victorious but they don't know who else has weapons in the south? I love how you just accuse others of being so naive when you never actually take a look in the mirror my friend. That is the basis of being naive.

Thumb shab 23 April 2012, 22:14

filthy Persian milita

Default-user-icon A. Templar (Guest) 24 April 2012, 02:27

People drink to celebrate, temporarily forget their woes and laugh, until a religion decree appears, imposed by some Nut Case, that ban people from happiness and sanction the killing of innocent people.
Religion must take a back seat to society's well being..

Missing ulpianus 24 April 2012, 03:18

Why cant this bastards go to Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran and fight from there with each other? There is no room for you in Lebanon.