Body of Diver Found One Day after Disappearance

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The body of the deputy head of the Divers’ Syndicate, Hussein Abu Khalil, has been found after he went missing Sunday while practicing diving in the southern city of Tyre, reported Voice of Lebanon radio.

Khalil, 42, had gone diving with sailors Ali Kaawar and Hussein Tahhan in an area called “Ras al-Mizrab”, which is known to be littered with dumped old car parts and is rife with large fish.

The diver swam to a depth of 50 meters while his companions remained in the boat.

A helicopter for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon was used in the search operations and Abu Khalil’s body was eventually found washed up on al-Mansoury shore just south of Tyre.

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Default-user-icon Christina (Guest) 23 April 2012, 10:12

Very sad news. Prayers are with Husseins family.

Default-user-icon GB (Guest) 23 April 2012, 12:13

Allah yerhamo! But any professional diver should know that the basic rule of diving is not doing it alone!!! You must be at least 2 in the water, not just wait in the boat.

Default-user-icon Abdullah (Guest) 23 April 2012, 13:52

Allah yir7amo, but he shouldn't have dived alone. It's the first rule we take in skill classes.

Default-user-icon Leb (Guest) 23 April 2012, 17:32

Isn't that a rule in diving, that no one is allowed to dive alone?

That shows how rules and regulations are applied in Lebanon.

Default-user-icon Zax (Guest) 23 April 2012, 17:34

Condolences to Hussein's family, friends, and the syndicate
Tragic loss for the diving community as a whole, a hard learned lesson for all community.

There are some essential fundamentals in scuba diving never to be jeopardized