Qassem Narrows Down STL’s Role as Assault on Lebanon: March 14 Opposition Aimed at Creating Chaos

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed on Thursday that the new majority in Lebanon did not prevent the March 14 camp from taking part in the new government.

He said: “We called for partnership from the start and we did not alter this position, but what is left of the March 14 camp rejected this partnership … They eliminated themselves from the new government and they have to assume the responsibility of their choice and not hold the new majority accountable for it.”

“They have the right to oppose the government’s program, but I don’t understand what they are currently opposing as the government has not yet been formed and a ministerial statement has not been proposed,” he noted.

“They are an opposition seeking to create chaos and they don’t want this government to be formed or function,” the Hizbullah official continued.

Qassem stated: “This is not an opposition as an opposition should work for a certain program and oppose a political and social trend after the new government is formed.”

“Creating chaos and obstructing the state’s functioning because they are not in power is not an opposition, but an obstruction of people’s lives,” he stressed.

The new government wants to halt the violations of the constitution, implement financial reform, put an end to corruption and false witnesses and those responsible for them, he added.

Addressing the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and its indictment, Qassem said: “We are not awaiting the indictment because we believe that it was issued a year and a half ago in Der Spiegel … and we have faced this decision with facts and we have eliminated its credibility.”

Germany's Der Spiegel news magazine reported in 2009 that the U.N. commission probing the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has evidence that Hizbullah Special Forces "planned and executed" the February 14, 2005 car bombing.

Qassem continued: “We presented damning evidence of Israel’s involvement in the assassination but they did not take them into consideration because they were shocked by their nature.”

”We presented evidence that Israel’s infiltration of Lebanon’s telecommunications sector and we stated that the false witnesses are a danger to Lebanon and the truth, while they aggravated ties with Syria by accusing it of the assassination,” he noted.

“The STL is an American assault on Lebanon’s strength and Resistance so that it will be unable to confront the Israeli project,” he stated.

The March 14 camp is also seeking to employ the international tribunal to alter the balance of power in Lebanon to compensate for the decrease in their popularity, he added.

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