Diplomats Say 'Salafist Revolution' in Tripoli Aim at Arming Syrian Opposition

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Western diplomatic sources said on Saturday that the recent incidents in the northern city of Tripoli are the “beginning of a Salafist revolution aimed at providing the Free Syrian Army in Homs with ammunition.”

The sources told As Safir newspaper that the “Salafist revolution will begin in Tripoli and gradually expand to Akkar.”

The diplomatic sources said that the incidents in Tripoli are considered a “slap in the face” to Prime Minister Najib Miqati by the March 14-led opposition as the March 8 forces failed to safeguard Lebanon from the repercussions of the Syrian unrest on the country.

More than 12,000 people have been killed in Syria since the revolt broke out in March last year against Syrian President Bashar Assad, most of them civilians.

The sources wondered how the Lebanese authorities ignored the “increasing Salafist” threat in the country.

The clashes in Tripoli erupted on Saturday after the General Security Department detained Islamist Shadi al-Mawlawi on charges of belonging to a terrorist group.

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Default-user-icon Sam (Guest) 19 May 2012, 11:50

تصريح غريب ممكن يكون حق يراد به باطل

Default-user-icon Bubba (Guest) 19 May 2012, 14:36

mowaten soury tsk tsk you usually claim never to trust "anonymous sources" whenever they are the source implicating the Iranian militia and the syrian regime, but now you jump on this one as if it was gospel.

Thumb geha 19 May 2012, 16:45

I agree, all m8 guys seem not t understand what they read, and are blind sheep following what they are told blindly.
mansour, hizbushaitan, and their followers actions to help the syrian regime, brought this on us....

Default-user-icon Milas (Guest) 19 May 2012, 17:00

We know every move they're making and tactic they;re trying to execute. They will fail and fail miserably. They should not be listening to foreign Intelligence especially Arab. That said, they have nothing to lose and they will be slaughtered by the pure Lebanese.

Default-user-icon BraveHeart le Phénicien (Guest) 19 May 2012, 17:48

Vous avez allumez le feu en Syrie. Et bien, le retour de flamme se fait ressentir au Liban. Avis aux apprentis sorciers et aux amateurs

Missing helicopter 19 May 2012, 18:14

Eliminate the Salafis, Wahabis, and Hezb ..... make Lebanon normal again and a nation for the intellectuals/patriotics/moderates.

Missing realist 19 May 2012, 23:01

it is too late.. the hizbustan has dirven the sunis off the cliff.. hariri will be old news unfortunately..unless the Syrian situation is solved by the world powers in the next few months i see she3a canton in the south and suni one in the north and fighting for the rest.

Default-user-icon John (Guest) 19 May 2012, 18:42

M14 are just puppets executing the Israeli partition plan. I was M14, not anymore. God help us

Default-user-icon exM14 (Guest) 19 May 2012, 18:43

M14 are executing Israeli-US partition plan. Nothing less nothing more. Pity some still think they are patriots

Thumb thepatriot 19 May 2012, 22:07

shut up mowaten! Moderate sunnism was faught by people by yourself who encourage Hezbollah and Aoun... you gave birth to salafists as a reaction to your support to another evil...stupid!

Missing abdelhakim 20 May 2012, 04:03

Lol realist. Mousa sadr was a tool for iran just as much as hezballah lest you have forgetten. It was iran who sent him to lebanon to start the work which led to the events we see today, i.e shiites taking over lebanon. Mousa sadr was also a tool for hafez al assad so no we dont say Allah yer7amo over an evil shiite. Sadr even legalized shirk, according to islam he was not a muslim and the shiite faith is not islam.

Missing moustaphabinjabbar 20 May 2012, 18:59

How can you call yourself a revolutionist, when you are supporting a terrorist organization, and defending a party that stole billions of dollars from the people???? You're just a wannabe. You should be supporting peace and equivalence between people which the salafists are against. At least Hezbollah and Aoun both fought foreign countries while the other parties only fought themselves.

Missing realist 19 May 2012, 22:57

listen idiot, the suni fandamentalism is a result of she3a fundamentalism: assasination of rafic hariri, may 7th, toppling of saad hariri, Killing so many politicians (and please dont tell me israel, that shit only flies with brainwashed people like you), the truth is hizbustan did a great job killing the moderate suni voice, idiots like you think that people can keep taking shit forever, blind people like yourself think that oppression breeds submission, a country where some people (3rd class) held for 5 years without trial while fayez karam, guilty of treason with 'israel' gets out of jail after one year, what do you expect?? you expect to have one sect in lebanon armed to the teeth treating people like 3rd class citizens and subjecting the politics to the power of its arms?? . The solution is no more arms for ANYONE, dialogue, peace, no civil war. Screw all fundamentalists she3a and sunis and quit being RACIST.

Missing realist 19 May 2012, 23:02

And keep the hizbustan armed to the teeth subjecting people to terror and treating them like 3rd class, you are such a racist idiot im sorry

Thumb _citizen_ 20 May 2012, 01:39

@mowaten of Iran: you are a pitiful thug whose allegiance is to filth, hate, and sectarianism. Stop giving lessons in morals when you have none!

Default-user-icon Aboul Hurrieh (Guest) 20 May 2012, 04:37

The report is BS! When did western diplomatic sources start talking to Assafir!!! This is coming directly from their masters in damascus!

Missing moustaphabinjabbar 20 May 2012, 18:19

So all you guys agree that it's al right to go and shoot at Lebanese Alawites, just because Bashar Al Assad is an Alawi. These Salafists are a bunch of radicals. Nothing more and nothing less. When did Hezbollah ever attack the Lebanese army? The Salafists want Lebanon to become a Sunni state without Christians and Shias. Look what happened to Egypt after the fall of Mubarak, it went to a state of anarchy caused by the same organisation. The same thing happened to Iraq. Please, someone tell me how can you defend Shiekh Ahmad Abdel Wahid allah yer7amo, after his action, ask yourselves, Why didn't he stop at the checkpoint?