Damascus: Failure to Hand over Hariri, Saqr, Meqdad is Violation of International Law

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syria accused on Wednesday former Premier Saad Hariri, Mustaqbal MP Oqab Saqr, and Syrian opposition member Louay al-Meqdad of committing terrorist crimes, reported Syria's SANA official news agency.

Damascus' First Attorney-General Mohammed Marwan al-Loji stated: “Failure to bring Hariri, Saqr, and Meqdad to justice is a violation of international law.”

“They are involved in crimes of terrorism and therefore considered to be terrorists who can be captured by international criminal law,” he told SANA.

Interpol's office at the Internal Security Forces received on Tuesday from Syrian authorities arrest warrants against Hariri, Saqr, and Meqdad.

They were charged with the crime of arming the Free Syrian Army.

A security source later told Agence France Presse however that the Interpol has nothing to do with the arrest warrants.

Loji revealed that the warrants were issued in light of the airing of audiotapes revealing Saqr's contact with Meqdad and other Syrian rebels and their striking of an arms deal.

He added that the Lebanese authorities should have immediately lifted Saqr's immunity as soon as the recordings were broadcast.

“Charges will be filed against anyone found to be involved in the terrorist activity in Syria,” he stressed.

The warrants come in light of requests by the Lebanese judiciary to question Syrian security chief Ali Mamlouk, a colonel identified only as Adnan as suspects in the case of former Minister Michel Samaha and Buthaina Shaaban, Syrian President Bashar Assad's media adviser, to be questioned as a witness in the case.

Samaha was arrested in August on charges of forming a criminal gang aimed at carrying out attacks in Lebanon at Syria's behest.

OTV and al-Akhbar newspaper recently revealed that Saqr had been carrying out arms deals with Syrian opposition members, with the television station airing leaked recordings of conversations between the lawmaker and Meqdad.

Saqr said in a statement on Tuesday that the arrest warrants prove that the Assad regime “forged the recordings.”

He previously accused OTV and al-Akhbar of tampering with the audiotapes and saying that he will file a lawsuit against them.

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Thumb geha 12 December 2012, 16:40

what a bunch of crap :)

Thumb Elemental 12 December 2012, 23:50

Does anyone else here see that Al-Manar is in this pic too? Hmmm...

Missing gabby10 12 December 2012, 16:55

Syria killed Hariri's father, Syria is dropping barrel bombs on civilians, Syria has Lebanese in jail for 30 years who did nothing, Syria loaded Samaha with bombs and sent him to Lebanon to kill.......all violations of international law.

Missing peace 12 December 2012, 17:36

so that leaves hezbollah....:)

Default-user-icon nobody (Guest) 12 December 2012, 20:00

According to the article, he did not say that Syria did not do it. He said he was wrong to accuse Syria.

Missing peace 13 December 2012, 00:03

yes we all know that you and mowaten are the two best investigators on this site and you resolved everything, LOL!

Missing gabby10 12 December 2012, 16:57

Why doesn't Syria put Muallem in front of a camera and show a video again? Was that "evidence" too?

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 12 December 2012, 17:09

do these idiots think anyone is taking them seriously? at least they are entertaining. you have to give them that.

Thumb ghada12 12 December 2012, 17:11

You gotta give it to these people, even when headed to the mashan'a, they are giving orders!

Default-user-icon labne (Guest) 12 December 2012, 17:23

Hahahahaha hehehe

Thumb AngryLeb 12 December 2012, 17:30

LOL, are you kidding ? what a joke,,,,,

Thumb benzona 12 December 2012, 18:31

FT disguised again...

Thumb Bandoul 12 December 2012, 22:22

Thanks for the shout out the other day bro...I don't comment anymore because it's a waste of time arguing with propagandists hell bent on changing the narrative to suit their agenda.

Thumb benzona 13 December 2012, 00:20

But Bandoul, there's more to Naharnet than this couple of propagandists hiding under 30 different nicknames. It's our duty to prevent them from winning the public opinion through deception. Keep in mind you're not alone here... although I come less often than I used to... I noticed I wasn't the only one.

Thumb benzona 13 December 2012, 11:47

FT, ma paranoïa comme tu dis est une arme de survie.
Tu penses bien que je ne suis pas le seul a avoir repéré ton petit manège, sache qu'on ne t'en veux pas. C'est ton job et il faut bien que tu gagnes ta croûte. It's just that you won't manage to mislead people with your accute form of deception... you found yourself a watchdog. Actually, a bunch of them. This website would be boring without your silly comments, try not to over do it though.

Thumb Bandoul 13 December 2012, 16:30

Poor miserable FreeThrow suffers from such an inferiority complex that every time someone points out something negative, he thinks it is about him. He thinks he is the top political analyst and security adviser in the country and everyone should hang on his every proclamation....7aram, what a difficult complex to have...I am sure you take your keyboard with you to the bathroom to make sure you don't miss a thing considering how often and how quickly you vomit your anti-social propaganda on Naharnet. You must be a glutton for punishment considering how many times bibkha3ak 3al t2eel and you continue to beg for more...no worries it's my duty to clean the floor of decaying orange peel.

Missing peace 12 December 2012, 17:37

syria talking about international laws? lol when they bomb civilians by their army which is a clear violation of international laws!!!

Missing peace 13 December 2012, 00:05

" most the dead are combattants" waw where did you get the figures? lol

but here mowaten it is a state versus its population not a state versus a state... which is even worse for your friends!

Thumb jcamerican 12 December 2012, 17:43

I have to admit it is funny.

Missing samiam 12 December 2012, 17:50

This is pure comedy gold.

Thumb Elemental 12 December 2012, 23:38

Beer anyone?

Default-user-icon Imad (Guest) 12 December 2012, 18:00

Finally they will be caught and brought to justice.

Default-user-icon Hidalgo (Guest) 12 December 2012, 18:16

Wa5am! Kellayeton Wa5am!

Thumb bigsami 12 December 2012, 18:39

“They are involved in crimes of terrorism and therefore considered to be terrorists who can be captured by international criminal law,” he told SANA.

LMAO.....the pot calling the kettle black. Also...'violation of international law'...first you have to be recognized by the international community before you can claim being part of it. You and your affiliates (HA/Iran) are recognized as TERRORISTS! Period!

Missing peace 12 December 2012, 19:24

"only saqr deserves a home trial for collaboration and for denial of facts,as well as forging evidence after initially admitting their veracity. "
collaboration? with which enemy? FSA have been officially declared enemies of the state of lebanon? when? remember when aoun wanted the assad family to be ousted...so sakr does what aoun wanted for years... better revise your logic!
forging evidence? says who? alakhbar close to hezbollah? lol! did any judge say they were forged? oh! but you know better.

denial of facts? is that a crime? nobody can deny facts in front of the press? now it s a crime? LOL! your buddies do that as a national sport!!!

can t alakhbar and otv known as close to M8 have set up recordings? isn t that an option too?
but i guess you have all the pieces of evidence at home to be so sure of yourself

Missing peace 12 December 2012, 19:24

when M8 is accused, either you say this man is not from M8 or you say we should wait for the justice to do its job! so apply your rules first to yourself instead of lecturing people...

Missing allouchi 12 December 2012, 20:24

Not until hell freezes...Assad is delusional...

Thumb Elemental 12 December 2012, 23:41

Definitely delusional, think about all the hashish HA provides him...and doritos when he has the munchies, cheese flavored.

Default-user-icon TheOutfox (Guest) 12 December 2012, 20:59

...because slaughtering your citizen is abiding to international laws.

Missing gabby10 12 December 2012, 22:09

Hey Syria, in case you haven't noticed the world is pulling their recognition of you. Your blah blah blah is not even being heard.

Missing feekahraba 12 December 2012, 22:13

*If* they want, not *of* you silly flamer

Missing feekahraba 12 December 2012, 22:15

Love the1phoenix. Well said.

Thumb LebDinosaur 12 December 2012, 22:23

That attorney-general looks like a Mafioso himself. What a government of thugs.

Thumb Elemental 12 December 2012, 23:32

Violation of international law....so is mass killings of civilans....you retards.

Thumb Elemental 12 December 2012, 23:37

Well, since he and his family has regime/HA guns waiting if he slips up, he has no choice but to say what he's told to say.

Thumb shab 13 December 2012, 01:28

Entertainment to the Highest Level

Default-user-icon Pancho Villa (Guest) 13 December 2012, 02:54

You have to be a Gringo to be that Stupido. No wonder You stink all over the world gringo pendejo.

Missing orangutaoun 13 December 2012, 03:41

Ohh Flaming Throwup

Spare us your repulsiveness and crawl back into Hassan's rectum and let us know when Aoun is going to pop his head out. Oh I forgot its every turdy Tuesday ....
In that case forget the bearded lady and crawl back to Bachars

Yalla gallop

Default-user-icon Lebneni (Guest) 13 December 2012, 10:34

Very Funny...Let Bashar al Assad "yebelloun wa yoshrab mayatoun"...this man still dreaming...he didn't wake up and think that soon he will be in jail, or at least following his friend Mo'amar al kaddafi.

Thumb beiruti 13 December 2012, 15:09

It is always funny and most peculiar, when a regime, such as the Assad Regime, has existed for decades thumping its nose at international law or at any law, when it is aggreived, start to point to the law books and demand arrests in the name of the law.
According to major powers of the international community, the Assad Regime is no longer the legitmate government of Syria.
When you do not live by the law, how can you seek refuge under its protection? The only "law" known by Assad is the law of survival and if this requires breaking the law, then it is broken, and if it requires seeking assistance of the law, then he seeks it.
But this is not how the civilized world works. We have laws, we all live under them and do not seek protection of the law only when it serves our interest.
I suppose he wants an arrest warrant next for the Turkish PM, the King of Saudi Arabia and the Emir of Qatar.