Israeli Aircraft Drop Heat Balloons Off Naqoura

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Israeli aircraft on Monday released scarlet heat balloons over Lebanon's regional waters, in the first such violation in around a year.

"Israeli warplanes dropped more than 30 scarlet heat balloons between Naqoura and Tyre within two hours," state-run National News Agency reported.

Meanwhile, LBCI television said Israeli warplanes fired "five flare bombs over the sea off Tyre's coast."

Earlier on Monday, the Lebanese army issued statements about a series of violations of Lebanese airspace by Israeli jets.

Israel has escalated its flights over Lebanon in recent weeks.

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Default-user-icon Roxsheba (Guest) 18 March 2013, 22:56

Making plans to attack our country, now it's practice time but later it will be for real.

Thumb jabal10452 18 March 2013, 23:59

it is to deflect heat-seeking SAM's.

Missing roxsheba 19 March 2013, 06:00

As they say practice makes perfect, well Israel have been practicing lately over our airspace but tomorrow they will perfect an awesome fireworks against us while our politicians sit around watching the show, our government are the biggest traitors and thieves for not standing against Israel they should be all hanged for staying quiet.... Bastards from our president , prime minister , the speaker , and ministers all thieves ..

Thumb music66 19 March 2013, 10:26

the middle east region needs a miracle, be it jesus, mohamad, allah is the most poweful. Is there a light at the end at the end of the tunnel. Sad our planet is so divided because of war and politics.

Missing samiam 19 March 2013, 15:14

neither did the so called resistance regarding the syrian violations--what's your point?

Default-user-icon mowaten_iran (Guest) 19 March 2013, 15:54

thats exactly the problem in Lebanon. Every one wants the christians to hate the Israelis and the christians hate them because they do violate Lebanon frequently.
But did you ever accept the fact Syria was also an enemy?? never.
as long as you dont, i will never make peace with you mowaten. its scary how you seriously say "syria never bombed lebanon like israel". are the christians not as important as the shiaa bombed by israel??

Missing samiam 19 March 2013, 18:20

I am talking about the repeated violations of Lebanese sovereignty over the last 2 years, you know like the ones President Suleiman wants the faux minister to send the letter of complaint to the syrian foreign ministry.

Thumb zahle1 19 March 2013, 20:04

Mowaten, I don't post much but this is a ridiculous comment. Syrian bombed the hell out of Zahle. They cut off water, put us under siege, no food. Motar, air raids, bombs, sniper. Many women and children were killed. This was over a two year period. This was not the only area. We will not allow this to be forgotten. We did not attack Syria from Zahle. They did it because of a strong Christian resistance there. Many people in my family died, my friends were sniped at 6 years old. You wonder why so many Lebanese are against the Assad regime. Its because we remember.

Missing samiam 19 March 2013, 20:17

sorry mowaten--I care about ALL violations of our sovereignty, not selective ones like yourself and the so called resistance. I am not a hypocrite like yourself.

Default-user-icon Albert (Guest) 19 March 2013, 20:51

Israel always wanted peace but you wanted to destroy them because yo could not accept the reality of a Jewish state. It is not Israel's fault that G-d helped them destroy their enemies. Just accept Israel and its right to live and then there will be peace.