Report: Two Tripoli Fighters Killed in Qusayr, Contact Lost with 20 Others

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Two men were killed and contact was lost with at least 18 others in the Syrian town of al-Qusayr near the border with Lebanon, LBCI television reported on Thursday.

"The men who hail from the northern cities of Tripoli and Dinniyeh have left Lebanon to participate in the battles in al-Qusayr's countryside”, sources close to the Syrian opposition told LBCI.

After the news of the men's death broke out, convoys carrying al-Nusra Front flags roamed in the north, firing shots into the air in Tripoli's al-Qubba neighborhood.

LBCI added: “The two killed man were identified as Hussam Mansour and Hani Barakat."

The same source noted that most of these fighters have ties with fundamentalist and Salafist groups, particularly with cleric Sheikh Salem al-Rafehi.

In response to Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah admitting that party members are fighting alongside the Syrian regime's forces in Syria, Salafist Sunni sheikhs called on men from the country to join Syrian rebels.

Al-Rafehi of Tripoli announced in April that he has decided to “send men and weapons in support of our Sunni brothers in Qusayr.”

He called on "all Sunni men to be fully prepared ahead of sending the first batch (of fighters) to perform the jihadist duty in Qusayr.”

Meanwhile, Islamist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir, the imam of Sidon's Bilal bin Rabah Mosque, announced the creation of the “Free Resistance Brigades,” urging whoever is capable of heading to Syria to go there to aid “the oppressed” in Qusayr and Homs.

Asir called on “all the Lebanese who fear attacks by Iran's party (Hizbullah) in Lebanon to arm themselves and form 5-member secret cells in order to be ready to exclusively defend themselves and their families should the need arise.”

He also called for fundraising in order to finance jihadist fighters seeking to enter Syria “to support our people.”

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Missing allouchi 09 May 2013, 19:35

I have heard that few Aounists died defending Sit Zaynab Shrine ...:)

Missing allouchi 09 May 2013, 19:36

little FT, sometimes you do sound like a complete idiot...

Default-user-icon Guest (Guest) 09 May 2013, 19:43

Well done.So it is not enough 25 years of being butchered on the hands of the Syrians,now we are sending our son Asir,well done everyone for sending lebanese to meet their death.
BTW FT,you always ask ppl to provide a proof .Do you have any proof that El mustaqbal are sending these ppl to fight in Syria?
Nassrallah said it on TV .
So !!! Zipp it Shrimp !!

Missing peace 09 May 2013, 22:25

1/ salafis have nothing to do with future
2/ future clearly stated they are against the "jihad" in syria
3/ your lies are just idiotic FPM assumptions like always whereas hezbis it is clear they are in syria to fight with the regime and help them do whatever they are told too....

Default-user-icon Gustafore Dejantil (Guest) 10 May 2013, 01:59

These warriors are not missing. They have already reached the presidential palace and have declared victory. The news about this achievement is still missing, but it's only a matter of time before it is found. After all, didn't allouchti, geha, NostraBenzona, peace and GabbyMarch14 tell us that the "ASSad" regime is about to collapse for the 7,492nd time since 2005? How dare anyone doubt them?

Missing greatpierro 10 May 2013, 06:26

FT no one is saying that no lebanese fighters are on the side of the rebels. yet these fighters are no m14 and the official stance of m14 is no meddling in syria. you cannot expect m14 to control every fanatic islamists in lebanon.

Missing greatpierro 10 May 2013, 16:29

they can vote for mustqbal and so what? it does not mean that mustqbal whose official stance is clear has the responsibility of those islamists.

Missing greatpierro 10 May 2013, 06:40

M14 are saying day after day that they do not want to meddle in Syria and that they condemn the participation of islamists in Syria. Yet you base your accusations not on what M14 say but rather on what you suppose they do and believe. What we call a "procès d'intention".

I guess M14 do the same thing with M8. This is the lebanese conundrum. Each side is constructing a reality about the other to reinforcing its political positioning. Where does it takes us? Straight into the wall.

If M8 condemn the intervention of Lebanese islamists on the side of the rebels and M14 also do the same then this is a point of rapprochement between M14 and M8. Rather than exploiting every opportunity to agree among the lebanese, the procès d'intention that each side is doing so blindly is setting the lebanese apart.

This explains the cold war occurring in Lebanon and you are, on this forum, an example of those perpetuating this cold war.

Missing helicopter 10 May 2013, 08:51

For decades the Syrian regime sent radicals in the form of Salafis and Hezb to destabilize Lebanon, weaken it and keep it under its hegemony. Now the table is turned and we see exodus of such radical elements fighting in Syria, this is good news for Lebanon. Our country was always one of moderation and enlightenment and getting rid of some extremists on both sides should help restore some of what we were.

Default-user-icon Doc (Guest) 10 May 2013, 10:54

I really hope all the extremist move to syria from lebanon and kill themselves including their leaders and clerics starting with this bozo followed but nasrallah and asir. I say good riddance and let us live in peace

Default-user-icon Ali (Guest) 10 May 2013, 12:44

No need for dehumanisation....This is not what we need today, and will not solve problems.
I am afraid that genocide scale activities are ongoing from all sides. We need to stop that mess by all means. (A shi'i who has been in Syria in a humanitarian context)

Default-user-icon Clint (Guest) 10 May 2013, 13:16

So FT you know your enemy right?
What is an "enemy" ?
a regime that occupied lebanon for 25 years,butchered thousands of lebanese,stole our money, assassinated our politicians,bombed our country,and you still call this same regime an ally !!!!
You need help Bro !!!

Missing peace 10 May 2013, 14:27

lol! syria is not my enemy.. funny how FPMers change their point of views in less than a decade... before your aoun called for the ousting of the assad family now he is your friend! LOL.... you really need a shrink to treat your schizophrenia little microbe!

Default-user-icon Guest (Guest) 10 May 2013, 13:19

Btw Ft ,stop changing screen ,we all know you are the Roar,Josh etc etc.
you will still get paid the same

Missing nqoula25 10 May 2013, 16:14

Josh bustany, are you not aware that a lot of modern day science is based onthe works of muslim sunnis?

Missing peace 11 May 2013, 12:29

stupid FT.... and his hariri hatred... alzheimer boy!