Erdogan Says Syria Dragging Turkey Down 'Vile Path', Davutoglu Slams World 'Silence'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan charged Sunday that Syria was dragging his country down a "vile path" with attacks such as the twin car bombings in the town of Reyhanli, near the Syrian border, that claimed 46 lives.

"They want to drag us down a vile path," Erdogan said at a rally in Istanbul, urging Turks to be "vigilant... and level-headed in the face of each provocation aimed at drawing Turkey into the Syrian quagmire."

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi denied Turkey's accusations on Sunday, saying "Syria did not commit and would never commit such an act, not because we don't have the capacity, but because our values would not allow that."

"It is Erdogan who should be asked about this act... He and his party bear direct responsibility," he added, describing the Turkish leader as an "assassin".

"Why this timing? Why these attacks, just days before the meeting between Erdogan and (U.S. President Barack) Obama? Does he (Erdogan), whose country is a NATO member, want to incite the United States (into intervening in Syria) by telling him his country has been attacked?" Zohbi said.

Meanwhile, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu blamed the world's inaction on the Syrian conflict for the "barbarian act of terrorism" in Reyhanli.

"The latest attack shows how a spark transforms into a fire when the international community remains silent and the U.N. Security Council fails to act," he said during a Berlin visit.

"It's unacceptable for the Syrian and Turkish people to pay the price for this."

Saturday's twin bomb attack, which left at least 46 people dead and 100 wounded near the Syrian border, was the deadliest in Turkey in recent years.

The minister called it a breach of Turkey's "red line" and said that "it's time for the international community to display a common stance against the regime ... immediately and without delay".

He called for an "urgent, result-oriented diplomatic initiative" to find a solution to the Syrian crisis and added that "Turkey has the right to take any kind of measure" in response to the killings.

Davutoglu was meeting German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who expressed his condolences for the victims of the "barbaric act of terrorism" and pledged Germany's support for Turkey.

The Turkish minister blamed the attack on "a former Marxist organization directly connected with the regime" of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Davutoglu also said the investigation was looking at "connections between the Banias massacre ... and the latest terror attack" in Turkey.

Rights groups say at least 62 civilians were killed this month in an assault on a Sunni district of Banias, a Mediterranean city in Syria, after at least 50 people were killed in the nearby village of Bayda.

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Default-user-icon Vosto Blandak (Guest) 12 May 2013, 19:08

So Syria is dragging Turkey? I guess then that GabbyMarch14 must finally be right that the "ASSad" regime has already fallen for the 7,942nd time and still is. I am proud of GabbyMarch14 for still being at it with full force! Like Dr. Arreet 7akeh like fans, I guess.

Missing amir_taqieddine 12 May 2013, 19:28

This is turkish arrogance. Why were you best friends wish bashar before the revolution? Was he not a criminal then? Secondly, why did you take a u-turn and started supporting those who want to topple him? Do you not see how turkey has dragged syria in to chaos so who are you to say syria is doing anything to you? Shame on you for your arrogance, for your denial of armenian rights, for your support of israel and for starting chaos in syria without even providing enough help to actually help the people. If your gonna interfer then at least help them win, all you do is throw gasoline on fire. Turkey can not be trusted, and based on my own experience with turks, they hate all the arab speaking people, greeks, armenians, kurds and others. They are brainwashed and should not be given a chance to interfer among us.

Missing plantmorecedar 12 May 2013, 23:47

there is nothing logical about his statement when turkey has been less involved in lebanese affairs than any other country in the region. I agree that they shouldn't involve themselves in lebanon. We have a strong armenian community that we support and accept as Lebanese equals. The issue at hand is Turkish opposition to Assad, which is a logical scenario. The lebanese government would not last a day if we killed peaceful protesters, where the hell is your head at.

Missing amir_taqieddine 13 May 2013, 01:34

Where is your head at? I am talking about syria first and foremost. But yes they have interfered in lebanon as well but not much because lebanon is not a key player in anything so they could care less. And when i said interfer among us, i meant the middle east. In case you haven't noticed, turkey has taken on a role in the past years that does not suit them. As for turkish oppostition to assad, no this is not a logical scenario, because al assad was a criminal long before the revolution started, yet that didn't stop erdogan from calling him a friend. And now when erdogan has switched on his friend, he is fueling chaos in syria by taking new syrian friends aiding them against bashar but without giving them enough help to actually beat him. Do you not see what is going on? I am not pro bashar, nor am i pro FSA. I am simply stating that turkey can not be trusted and that they have prooven that time and time again.

Missing plantmorecedar 13 May 2013, 05:44

I'm sorry, my first and last sentence sentence was a reply to your second comment and those who responded to it. lebcad and FT I apologize, in my browser it seemed like you guys replied to amir's first comment.

What you are saying amir is that turkey's change of attitude is a poor decision, and that we should not trust it, given that Assad's reputation preceded him before he chose to embark on this war.

I understand your point Amir, and turkey's unwillingness to fully commit is the result of turkish public opinion. that's to answer the part of why they are not giving the FSA everything in order to win. I'm sure there are extraneous reasons as well, but they are not driving the policy changes. Turkey would look foolish if it kept supporting Assad, and I think they made a good decision. Having them on board is better than just having to choose between Saudi and Iran.

Missing amir_taqieddine 12 May 2013, 19:32

With that said, i condemn the attack on civilians in turkey, and i pray for the victims but i also remind turkey of the civilians that have been killed by turkey directly and indirectly.

Missing amir_taqieddine 13 May 2013, 01:42

Lol at those who voted my comments down, how can anyone disagree with the fact that turkey is fake and doing harm to syria while pretending to be on the side of the syrian people? Even if someone here supports the rebels, then that person should know that turkey could have given them enough support to end bashars rule if they wanted to, yet they havent, all they are doing is fueling things but without actually helping either side win and end things. I guess it's to much logic for some to comprehend or it was a turk who got annoyed lol. Turks see themselves as civilized compared to arab speakers, i know how deep rooted this feeling of superiority is among them, they want arab countries to be backward just like israel wants it.

Missing idris_gray 13 May 2013, 16:33

Ya amir I am highly disappointed with erdogan and turkey! You are right that he could be doing so much more to help the FSA, especially now with these bombings. Yet all their tough talk is just that, talk! I am not a huge fan of turkey in general, and I agree that they see themselves as better than Arabs (they are not) but in a way they are better than either Iran or SA in that they are more moderate.

Missing people-power 12 May 2013, 20:05

Syrian regime says "because our values would not allow that", and I have to ask, what about Samaha?

Missing peace 13 May 2013, 17:20

FPMers live in the past, in the middle ages even; no surprise at their retarded posts....

Thumb chrisrushlau 12 May 2013, 20:34

Turkey does not quite have the democracy thing worked out. I'll bet Erdogan is making these weak threats because he can't handle his military. He can't even ask it, "Who did these bombings?"

Default-user-icon John Marina (Guest) 12 May 2013, 20:53

Those Ottomans should and must stay out of interfering in the Syrian war affairs. What goes on in Syria is none of their business. It is best for Turkey, before it is too late, stay out of this mess.

Thumb benzona 12 May 2013, 22:10

Bachar should see my avatar and do the same. I'll supply the benzine, his Hezb ebola ally Fneish the counterfeit ointment purchased on alibaba dot com.

Missing amir_taqieddine 13 May 2013, 04:32

Blah blah blah. You come off as someone who is retarded. No offence to those who are retarded. Im sure baath is the answer to arab advancement hehe. Their speciality is raping women, torturing people and of course blowing people up so how is the baath better than FSA? Both are criminals and they both let the syrian people pay for their own selfish reasons. You don't sound like a syrian by the way.

Missing amir_taqieddine 13 May 2013, 13:26

This reply was to josh bustany.

Default-user-icon dd (Guest) 13 May 2013, 09:59

am touched to the core when I hear about Syrian "Values"
a killer with values maheik Bachar?!

Thumb kanaandian 13 May 2013, 16:42

This Islamist Vermanite needs to shut hit yap or take matters into his own hands. I am happily watching the Turks get humiliated and inshalla may it continue. Enjoying the show on both sides, since both sides are terrorist.