FPM Takes a Firm Stance, Vows to Challenge Extension of Parliament's Term

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Change and Reform parliamentary bloc MP Ibrahim Kanaan revealed on Thursday that the Free Patriotic Movement began drafting a request to challenge the extension of the parliament's mandate.

Kanaan, who is loyal to FPM leader MP Michel Aoun, pointed out in remarks published in As Safir newspaper that the challenge will be filed directly after the parliament endorses the extension.

He noted that the challenge will focus on several aspects including the importance of maintaining the democratic principle of rotation in power.

On Wednesday, Speaker Nabih Berri said that the parliament’s term will be extended to Nov, 20 2014.

A parliamentary session is set to be held on Friday to vote on the timeframe of extension.

The lawmaker considered that extending the term of the parliament due to the security situation “doesn't convince us.”

He also lashed out at the Phalange Party and the Lebanese Forces for approving such a decision, saying that it contradicts their previous stances.

On Wednesday, President Michel Suleiman reiterated that he will challenge the constitutionality of extending the parliament's term before the Constitutional Council if polls weren't held by October.

MPs “will of course agree on extending the parliament's term because it will save them the cost of the electoral campaign,” Suleiman said.

The president said he wants the lawmakers to cut the extended term short and hold the parliamentary elections once they agree on an electoral law.

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Thumb LebDinosaur 30 May 2013, 08:11

For once, I'm agreeing with their position.

Thumb dasphinx 30 May 2013, 09:34

Please choose which position:
1- The 60 election law brought Christians their right following the Doha accord
2- We are with Lebanon one electoral district with proportionality (Shiad to help AOun get PMs elected)
3- The Orthodox Law
4- Now, back to the 60 Law.

I'm dizzy.

Thumb LebDinosaur 30 May 2013, 14:04

It's confusing for sure.
I meant re: the non-extension.
Agreeing on the voting law is another story in itself, although they are related.

Default-user-icon Rioleb (Guest) 30 May 2013, 08:32

Get used to it..

Thumb dasphinx 30 May 2013, 09:36

The only reason the FPM is against the term extension is because this parliament will NEVER elect Aoun as a President (b3id el sharr).

How about President Suleiman yesterday? What a true statesman!

Thumb geha 30 May 2013, 09:41

these guys are really funny....

Thumb dasphinx 30 May 2013, 09:45

Indeed I remember!

Missing samiam 31 May 2013, 00:15

I don't disagree too much with FPM's decision for a change, but why is it that FPM seems more worried about its stance in the polls rather than its stance on the direction of the country?