Palestinian Refugees Burn Aid Provided by Hizbullah in Ain el-Hilweh

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A number of Palestinian refugees who fled the war in Syria on Thursday set ablaze aid offered to them by Hizbullah in protest at the party's military intervention in the neighboring country, state-run-National News Agency reported.

The refugees at the Palestinian Ain el-Hilweh camp in Sidon called on Hizbullah to withdraw its fighters from Syria and not to interfere in Syrian affairs, NNA said.

The military support of Hizbullah has helped Syrian regime forces gain the upper hand in the battle for control of Qusayr, a key town for both the regime and the insurgents, where a fierce army assault began 12 days ago.

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah had previously justified the group's involvement in Syria by saying they were defending Lebanese-inhabited border villages inside Syria and Shiite holy sites.

But the offensive on the mostly-Sunni town of Qusayr forced the movement to change its argument.

"Syria is the rear guard of the resistance (Hizbullah's fight with Israel), its backbone, and the resistance cannot stay with its arms folded when its rear guard is exposed," Nasrallah said on Saturday in a speech for the 13th anniversary of Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon.

Nasrallah stressed that Hizbullah will win the battle against the “United States, Israel and the Takfiris just like it emerged victorious in previous wars.”

Hundreds of Palestinian refugees have fled to Lebanon after fierce clashes at the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus.

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Missing 30 May 2013, 17:29

A typical biggot. No doubt, an Aoun supporter.

Missing 30 May 2013, 17:33

Ironic - to accuse the palestinians if selling their cause for a penny because they refuse "a penny"-worth of aid from those fighting in support of a regime that brutalized them.

Missing peace 30 May 2013, 23:26

lol FT just like hezbis refugees in 2006 with hariri s aid... very heroic!

Thumb geha 30 May 2013, 17:39

Guys, the war wehave been waiting for, i.e. the annihilation of hizbushaitan is coming extra fast apparently, and so many players (including countries) will be involved directly in this operation.
be on your guard.....

Thumb hakawati 30 May 2013, 18:06

Keep on dreaming little princess.

Missing mfawaz 31 May 2013, 02:47

all i have to do is dreammmm...dream...dream...dream...

Thumb fire.truck 30 May 2013, 17:55

HA are terrorists. New excuse for their selfish actions everyday.

Thumb benzona 30 May 2013, 20:27

Suckleen are honourable hard working people. Shame on you for talking like this.

Missing VINCENT 30 May 2013, 18:55

The truth is the truth. Pay a visit to the butcher Yassir Arafat's widow living luxuriously in Southern France.

Missing 31 May 2013, 01:52

She comes from a very rich family before she married Arafat

Missing peace 30 May 2013, 21:02

just like hezbi did with hariri aid in 2006...

Missing peace 30 May 2013, 21:21

palestinians elected hamas to take care of their future and defend them not hezbollah.

Thumb Chupachups 31 May 2013, 00:38

Are Shia girls prettier than Sunni girls ?

Missing 31 May 2013, 01:53

may be and may be not.

Default-user-icon Nasrallah the fat gay rapist (Guest) 31 May 2013, 01:43

To bad it wasn't a load of chemical weapons

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 31 May 2013, 01:53

The Palestinians. Including Hamas are now against Syria and HA. Hang on to your seats boys and girls. This is going to spiral out of control.

Missing nai0271 31 May 2013, 02:23

Hizb what? they are nothing but terrorist militia that has no reason to have arms. Any Shiite that speaks against them is an Israeli spy, and if it was a politician they assassinate him or her. And now under the orders of Iran they are massacring Syrians.

Missing mfawaz 31 May 2013, 02:50 no more predictions of bashar's just talk crap about the only armed force in middle east that does not crawl for anyone...yalla...sab3a ayar is gona repeat itself soon...

Default-user-icon Senator Neptune (Guest) 31 May 2013, 03:47

Here's what you do, nuke them all and start over. Just a big thermonuclear squeegee across Lebanon and Syria.

Missing 11-11 31 May 2013, 06:24

No worries, now that the Palestinians have turned against the Axis, the Glorious Iranian Resistance is migrating to a new cause the liberation of the Golan and the protection of their exposed rear end, Assad jr.