Saudi Urges Nationals in Lebanon to Abide by GCC Decision

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awadh Asiri confirmed on Sunday that his country urged Saudi national present in Lebanon to comply with the Gulf Cooperation Council decision.

“The embassy called in text messages on Saudi citizens in Lebanon to abide by the GCC decision to inform them of Saudi concerns over their security and safety,” Asiri said in comments published in An Nahar newspaper.

Asked if the text messages sent by the embassy to Saudi nationals in Lebanon would have a negative impact on Lebanon's summer season, the diplomat said: “If the Lebanese state announces that it bears the responsibility of stability in the country then the nationals are free to take the decision they want.”

Asiri pointed out that “Saudi King Abdullah is keen to maintain Lebanon's stability and security.”

The GCC urged on Wednesday their citizens to avoid traveling to Lebanon and called on their nationals, who are already in the country, to leave it.

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates took the decision based on the current unstable situation in Lebanon.

Although Lebanon has officially adopted a position of neutrality in Syria's war, its people are sharply divided with Hizbullah and its allies backing President Bashar Assad's regime and the March 14 coalition supports the rebellion.

Syria's civil war has exacerbated sectarian tensions in Lebanon and its security situation has deteriorated due to various groups intervention in battles in the neighboring country.

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Thumb justice 09 June 2013, 08:28

We have thousands of revolutionary guard tourists and pilgrims instead.

Missing alpha 09 June 2013, 08:38

BS you Asiri , you are a terrorist ! Go back & support your Mother because you don't know who your father !!!!! You all are a mixed breed including Harriri your half brother , but I have to admit , you all look alike . Down with KSA hail Taksim Square. Now hail with Mecca Square( Arab Spring) ""

Thumb general_puppet 09 June 2013, 08:39

The GCC should not punish Lebanon for Hizbullah's actions. The Saudi's know very well that the Glorious militia only takes orders from Iran.

Missing kiserouen 09 June 2013, 23:24

Agreed, but at the same time, lebanon is doing nothing to stop hezballah.

Missing alpha 09 June 2013, 08:53

Go & punch yourselves , the KSA &'GCC are afraid that their middle leg will be chopped. Your oily money has no benefit , stick it up your behind, we don't want your dirty filthy money in Lebanon , we do not bend over like you filthy pigs , you would sell your wives & Daughters for money ! We don't as Lebanese . So your opinion (GCC ) is like going to the toilets .

Missing kiserouen 09 June 2013, 23:24

of course he is shia.

Missing -karim_m2 09 June 2013, 09:26

I guess Hariri better not travel to Lebanon then.

Default-user-icon critic (Guest) 09 June 2013, 10:30

It would be wise to transfer the money from Lebanon's discovered oil and gas fields Directly to the educational boards, so we can raise children, who do not have sectarianism in their upbringing. Notice the leader of France's Nazi party is Lebanese last name 'Ayoub'? proud of this aren't we?

Missing formerlebaniz 09 June 2013, 13:22

Some of you guys are a bunch of idiots talking trash about GCC requests. Do you have the slightest idea of what is the main economical engine for Lebanon? It's tourism not from Iranian or Syrian tourists, but from GCC, European, and Expats.

Western tourism now is almost negligible (except for journalists)
Arab countries tourism is at it's worst in decades
Expats... not many wealthy expats are willing to risk their lives to go back home for a visit.

Stop snorting whatever you are snorting and think logical for the sake of your livelihood, and for the sake of the nation in general, stop being a bunch of sheep calling the kettle black. Shia and Sunni have their extremists, Al-Qaeda or Hizbullah for me they are identical. Iran is as extremist as Saudi Arabia. Remove the tunnel vision goggles and strike a balance, because at the end of the day being able to bring food back home to your kids is all that matters.

Missing formerlebaniz 09 June 2013, 20:22

And this is a sheep calling the kettle black. Where do your leaders get their pay check from quite LITERALLY? or getting paid by Iran is less offensive than getting paid by Saudi Arabia? And if so since when? I never gotten the memo.

Thumb dandoun 10 June 2013, 10:53

ya harammm..shu eno mf2ous ....i agree with fyou عمرن ما يجو