Geagea Lashes Out at Hizbullah's Role in Syria, Describes Party as 'Illegal'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea slammed on Monday Hizbullah's intervention Syria, considering that the party surpassed the state's decision, canceled its existence and described it as an “illegal” party.

“The Lebanese fear Hizbullah's endeavors in Syria and it's clearly stated goals that toppled the constitution and the Lebanese law,” Geagea said in an interview with An Nahar newspaper.

Hizbullah's intervention in Syria and its major role in taking over the Syrian town of al-Qusayr by government troops threatens to bring that country's conflict even further into Lebanon, where rebels have vowed to retaliate with attacks on the Shiite group's home turf.

Only 10 kilometers from Lebanon, Qusayr is strategic for the regime and Hizbullah because of its proximity to the border and because it lies on a route linking Damascus to the the regime's bastion on the Syrian coast.

For the rebels, it was an important conduit from Lebanon for men and weapons.

The Christian leader lashed out at Hizbullah's supporters, saying that “several protests took place near foreign embassies in Lebanon, in particular the U.S. and French embassies, but none of the demonstrations ended like Sunday's sit-in near the Iranian embassy” in Bir Hassan area south of Beirut.

He considered that Hashem Salman, the Lebanese Option Party supporter who was killed on Sunday near the Iranian embassy, “paid the price of Freedom in Lebanon.”

“This is Hizbullah's actual nature and this is the violent community it represents,” Geagea added.

On Sunday, Hizbullah protagonists wearing black shirts and yellow ribbons around their arms beat up the Lebanese Option Party protesters near the Iranian embassy without giving demonstrates any warning.

Salman, who was the head of the party's student committee, was killed and at least 11 others wounded in the clash.

Concerning the process of cabinet formation, Geagea expressed hope that Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam would form his cabinet this week or give the chance to another person to do so.

“We have to confront the non-state concept that some party's adopt,” Geagea told An Nahar.

He stressed that the March 14 alliance backs the state and will take a series of endeavors to press the formation of the government.

“If Hizbullah rejects the formation of the cabinet then it's the party's concern. It's not the majority of the people,” Geagea said, describing it as an “illegal” and “unconstitutional” party.

The PM-designate's efforts to form a new government came to a halt in recent weeks in light of the dispute over the extension of parliament's mandate and the political powers' failure to reach an agreement over a new parliamentary electoral law.

Salam will launch new consultations with various political powers to garner their views over the new government after the legislature extended its term for 17 months.

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Thumb dandoun 10 June 2013, 08:39

who keeps giving this guy a quater to talk ufff

Thumb dandoun 10 June 2013, 10:45

looooooooooool..barb wire ...loooooool looooooool.. i cant even find a comment to reply to u ..a hahahahahah is more than enough

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 10 June 2013, 11:03

FlameShit, tej rasak ya bsein el hakim... he is a true doctor and a true christian ya mastoul he is from bcharre mahd el massihiyeh bel chare2 ya mastoul ou ta3a ri7tak ndabb ba2a! zahha2et el 3alam men habala ou taba3iytak!

Default-user-icon False General (Guest) 10 June 2013, 11:08

It's better than following a false General (who defected from the lebanese army) and false Sayyeds who are terrorists in disguise !

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 10 June 2013, 11:30

the same guy who gives u a dime to bend-over! minik la ta3ti ra2yik bi a2wa zalameh?

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 10 June 2013, 12:13

FT : Hassan just committed murder AGAIN in front of your so called hundreds of millions and your General Coward Aoun is going to defend him again.

Who's reactionary ? The murderers you support or the people proving your wrong?

Ba3den, the 1st bloc of christians in Lebanon is ruled and governed by NO ONE! The second biggest christian bloc is not Aoun but the alliance of christians against Aoun.

But of course, you will only believe the lies that are fed to you by nanny aoun !

And accuse this comment of being reactionary to your reactionary comment :)

Imbecile !

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 10 June 2013, 13:48

In plain english for your simple mind : Most christians in Lebanon are not allied to Aoun or any other politician. This is called the silent majority.

And if you add up all "allied" christians against Aoun (provided you can actually add 1+1), you get a much larger Anti-Aoun christian block.

To illustrate things for you as you don't seem to understand written words : If Aoun's christian block is the size of an Golf ball, Non-Allied Christians are as large a Watermelon and Anti-Aoun Christians would be the size of an Apple.

The size of your brain would be similar to that of a pea. Or Bazella if you don't understand ...

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 10 June 2013, 14:23

It seems you're the one who cannot count.

First: MPs do not amount to populations. Do not compare apple and oranges. Their numbers are not representative. And even Aoun's claim that the previous electoral law is unfair and unrepresentative.

Second: Aoun does not have 28 MPs, he has 19. Don't try to make Aoun seem larger than he is... (

Third: The silent Majority by definition cannot be measured. They include all the people who did not vote 48% of voters + people who voted AGAINST a Party rather than FOR a Party.

But of course, you wouldn't know this because Aoun did not tell you this bedtime story!

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 10 June 2013, 15:27

1- Name me your 28 MPs ... let's see who can count. 19 Belong to FPM ... the rest are alliances you idiot.

2- Desertion means desertion ... Permission, LBC, French or Whatever, dont' try to play with words and find a justification to your stupid tentative to cleanse the image of Aoun.

3- Silent Majority : you don't seem to understand anything so I guess it's useless to argue with you. You jump through hoops to figure out any rubbish to say ... but this only confirms how much of a moron you are.

Your completely illogical statements confirms to be that you must be the bastard son of Aoun... Your non-arguments, aggressivity and logic of a 5 year old child only reaffirms this. Like father like son !

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 10 June 2013, 18:17

Let's set the rules :
1- No insults : any insult in comments is a sign of defeat
2- No false claims : provide proof to your statements otherwise they don't count

Thumb geha 10 June 2013, 08:45

hizbushaitan is not just illegal: it is an invading Iranian militia of thugs and murderers.

Thumb geha 10 June 2013, 08:50

ونقلت شبكة / برس تى فى / الاخبارية الايرانية عن عراقجى قوله " ان هذه التقارير تفتقر الى الصحة , وان كل ماحدث هو تجمع اعداد محدودة من الافراد امام السفارة الايرانيةفى بيروت قامت قوات الامن اللبنانية بتفريقهم " .

وتابع المتحدث قائلا " ان المعلومات المتوافرة لدينا تفيد بان مجموعة صغيرة من مؤيدى الجماعات التكفيرية اشتبكت مع قوات الجيش والامن اللبنانية فى منطقة تقع على بعدكيلومتر على الاقل من مجمع السفارة الايرانية فى بيروت , وان هناك بعض الخسائر البشرية غير انه لم يقع أى اعتداء على مبنى السفارة الايرانية ".
Iranian LIES

Missing 10 June 2013, 09:08

Geha - of couse it is not a lie. It is the axis of resistance truth.

Thumb geha 10 June 2013, 09:22


Thumb saturn 10 June 2013, 09:46

Mr. Geagea, your wartime gang was not "legal" either. Tell it to the guy who wrote the speech.

Default-user-icon true (Guest) 10 June 2013, 11:16

his "wartime gang" was disbanded for much less. same should be done to hezb

Thumb mckinl 10 June 2013, 10:02

Great photoshop of Geagea's picture ... they have completely removed all the KSA puppet strings attached to Hakim.

Missing maroun 10 June 2013, 11:29

at least he is a man who stood and fought with his men ,unlike your general who deserted his men to be slaughtered by the same syrian regime you support .

Missing -karim_m2 10 June 2013, 11:38

lol, that was beautiful mckinl.

Missing maroun 10 June 2013, 12:47

FT no such truth exist..fact is he left his men to die..whether you like it or not.just live with it.

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 10 June 2013, 13:56

Deserted according to Wikipedia's definition of Desertion :

"In military terminology, desertion is the abandonment of a "duty" or post without permission"


So he is a deserter !

And since when do you listen to what the French say ? You cannot accuse the west of lying and then cite them !

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 10 June 2013, 16:29

There I was thinking this article (like any other) was about you ! In fact, I read more about you on this site than any other politician.

This article isn't about Geagea, it's about what Hezbollah did. I don't care for Geagea and have as much respect for him as I have for Aoun.

He's as much a false doctor as your general is a false general. As much as your hezbollah zbelé resistance to israel is a false resistance to israel.

My mission is to discredit you and expose the lies, lack of arguments, insults and plain childish comments that you post.

Yes, this is personal!

Stop trolling this site with rubbish and start posting something intelligent with arguments and PROOF... not just plain rubbish comments and unfounded blunt statements.

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 10 June 2013, 18:19

Now for the facts
1- FPM has 18 MPs : it's in the link
2- Change and Reform Block has 28 MPs : these are not all FMP ... don't mixup !
3- Aoun WAS a General: TRUE
4- Aoun was Sequestrated and Forced into exile : if true, let him file a suit against France.
5- Geagea is not a MEDICAL doctor : TRUE ...
6- Silent Majority is a voiceless majority : They either don't vote or vote against people. The non-voters constitute 48% in previous elections and over 30% of all voters. They are the true majority with no representation.
7- Geagea is not my Geagea... he's worth just as much as Aoun... nothing !
8- FPM is the biggest elected chrisitan party: True ... not the biggest christian block.
9- March 8 (FPM + Change and Reform) had 27 Christian MPs, March 14 Block had 37 : Proof :

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 10 June 2013, 18:20

Now for the facts
1- FPM has 18 MPs : it's in the link
2- Change and Reform Block has 28 MPs : these are not all FMP ... don't mixup !
3- Aoun WAS a General: TRUE
4- Aoun was Sequestrated and Forced into exile : if true, let him file a suit against France.
5- Geagea is not a MEDICAL doctor : TRUE ...
6- Silent Majority is a voiceless majority : They either don't vote or vote against people. The non-voters constitute 48% in previous elections and over 30% of all voters. They are the true majority with no representation.
7- Geagea is not my Geagea... he's worth just as much as Aoun... nothing !
8- FPM is the biggest elected chrisitan party: True ... not the biggest christian block.
9- March 8 (FPM + Change and Reform) had 27 Christian MPs, March 14 Block had 37 : Proof :

Missing peace 10 June 2013, 22:03

seems that the FT moron is getting nervous as he is mixing me with someone else...i guess his neurones are getting entangled by his growing stupidity....

Missing rudy 10 June 2013, 23:06

Ft are you saying aoun was kidnapped?

Tied up and carried into a plane against his will, then driven to a villa in france and force fed and wined for the next 15 years?

Wow man that must have been hard on him.

He left, he said yes, as in agreed to leave. True story bro

Thumb sophia_angle 10 June 2013, 10:13

yesterday one of the protesters in DT anti HA at the news she was saying that 'Sakr' as an eagle flying over syria n hariri will bring assads head...well we didn't say this it is your followers ;) is not a clear role from ur frds?

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 10 June 2013, 11:05

Hakim Ya Malak! enta wahdak hatet eseb3ak bi 3ayno la nasrhabalala ...
God bless U!

Missing -karim_m2 10 June 2013, 11:36

Oh look, this psychopath and convicted criminal is trying to dictate how Lebanon should run. Maybe he can grow a pair and ask his Saudi employers to stop funding Al Qaeda, and perhaps ask his FSA-Al Qaeda allies to return the 2 kidnapped bishops since, you know, he "protects the Christians' rights".

I'd say more if there werent respectable posters like The Phoenix supporting this clown, but oh well.

Missing lebanon007 10 June 2013, 12:06

Stop calling them hezoballah Call them hezobshayton...
And as for Hassan there so called leader he should get he's head out of he's ass and stick it in bashars ass...

Default-user-icon e (Guest) 10 June 2013, 12:19

Geagea Seriously?????? Shut up & sleep on the floor just as you used to

Thumb superhabib 10 June 2013, 12:25

The Maronites have to choose whether they want to live under KSA-like conditions if they align with the Salafis, or in Iran-like conditions (at worst, probably nothing well change), if they align with the Shias.

And just for the record, Iran has a large Christian minority (even jewish) to this day, KSA has none.

Thumb superhabib 10 June 2013, 16:28

Yes, just like in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Egypt... Oh well.

Missing peace 10 June 2013, 12:33

he is right, hezbi is a militia and it has proven it... its involvement in syria contrary to the disassociation policy from the LEBANESE governement which they are part of, clearly show how they SPIT on lebanese laws or constitution!
now they boast they want to go in galilee! have they asked the lebanese if they are ok with it? have they asked hamas which represent the palestinians and not hezbis? have they discussed it with the lebanese army? the answer is NO.... it proves that this is a militia obeying orders from iran and not lebanese one... and they dare call themselves lebanese? ....

Missing samiam 10 June 2013, 13:57

and what does the former general say about hizb iran's stances in syria and the iranian embassy

i guess we will hear something tomorrow..... :(

Default-user-icon Piotr Haddad (Guest) 10 June 2013, 16:03

I am happy i have a second passport that is giving me the security and respect of a free country. To all christiand whom are attacking and insulting Geagea, the day your wife and daughter will wear the Black Nikab and your churches must remove their crosses because it "offends" their feelings, please remember this comment and you shoot yourself to save your dignity.

Default-user-icon Me (Guest) 10 June 2013, 21:12

FT: it is obvious from your comments that you never visited any other country in your life. You don't seem to have a job (given the amount of time you spend on this site). Certainly you don't have high education (but i guess in your village reading and writing is considered high education - so i am sure your mother is proud of you).

With that, i guess there is not much you can say about western cultures. Terrorists are dreaming of turning the west against islam (it makes them stronger) but they are failing miserably. In my 25 years in europe and in the us, i never heard a racist comment and i saw people from all religions living peacefully together (even in manhattan days after 9/11).... However when i read your comments i only see hatred!

Default-user-icon Vedizalio Pentash (Guest) 10 June 2013, 19:14

Has anyone taken notice of what Dr. Arreet 7akeh said here? Please raise your hands. Is there anybody home? Has anybody gotten mobilized already? Hello? Saying that talk is cheap, and how galore this talk is from Dr. Arret 7akeh and his followers, Drs. Arteena Satleh. This brings me to the cheap talk about amn al moujtama3 al massi7i yalleh tole3 kello art 7akeh bi art 7akeh.

Missing peace 10 June 2013, 22:00

is aoun a zionist too? coz he also asked for the help of the USA and even said there were NO shame in doing that....that before he married his big boy iranman....

Missing peace 11 June 2013, 00:20

to use the same logic as you, M14 were allied with syrians so they knew more than annyone else what they were capable of... that is why now they are against them...LOL!
oh! and aoun said also that the lebanese politicians HAD TO ally with syrians or else DIE... but i guess as a brave aouni you would have prefered to die... pityful arguments you have
funny how aoun has the right to change to ally with those he called terrorists but M14 cannot change? LOL see how you aounis are stupid and illogical... poor arrogant people

Missing peace 11 June 2013, 00:25

and funny how now if someone holds the SAME speech aoun used to hold for decades , you aounis treat them as sionists or wahabis!!!

so stupid that you treat the ideas of your own leader as sionist! hahahaha!

Missing peace 11 June 2013, 01:20

good for you if you are a "leftist Arab nationalist Anti-Imperialist" because i follow NO ONE.... if you were smart you d know by now that there is not a single party or politician that is worth following because they all manipulate their sheep...
that is why i follow no one so i cannot be manipulated by anyone and if you read my post carefully you would have seen by now that i also criticize M14...
and i am against M8 because they follow two regimes that i cannot bear that have hurt lebanon more than any other regime....
but if it makes you feel better to call me a hypocrit M14 be my guest if it makes you feel strong behind your keyboard....

Default-user-icon HammerHead (Guest) 11 June 2013, 02:11

With respect to everyone bar Mr. pea brain FT.
Aoun is the main reason behind the destruction of the Lebanese Army.
His self serving ego put himself first before his country.
His suicidal wars destroyed the Christian area, the Lebanese army and his alliances destroyed Lebanon.

Default-user-icon john mccrillis (Guest) 12 June 2013, 20:20

Well well seeing as I had alot to do about getting you out of jail I feel compelled to rage on you a little old friend. First it was I who prevented walid junblade from being murdered by isrealy terrorist in massachusettes second you need to take a deep reath and sit down relaxe and think about having a tea with Nasralla. How dare you asshoes undo what I paid heavely for keeping lebanon together. While your having tea with my other friends contemplate as to weather that reptile ehude berrack bothered to destingwish as to what ethnic background those children had just recently his pond scum killed some jews in bulgaria (mossad) oh ya thats a fact jack and you know what "the truth never sleeps" say hi to my friends im the american who had the pet hawk

Default-user-icon Philipp (Guest) 20 August 2013, 18:48

This information is priceless. When can I find out more?