Egypt's Morsi Severs Relations with Syria: We Stand against Hizbullah for Interfering in the War

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Egypt's Islamist President Mohammed Morsi on Saturday announced the "definitive" severing of relations with war-torn Syria, which is suffering from more than two years of civil war.

Egypt "decided today to definitively break off relations with the current regime in Syria, to close that regime's embassy in Cairo and to recall Egypt's charge d'affaires" from Damascus, Morsi told thousands of Islamist supporters in a Cairo stadium for a "Support for Syria" rally.

Morsi also slammed Hizbullah's interference in the Syrian war.

"Egyptians stood by Hizbullah in 2006 and today we stand against the party for its involvement in the war against the people," he said.

The Egyptian president stressed: "We demand Hizbullah to leave Syria."

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Missing mohammad_ca 15 June 2013, 22:43

Thank you Egypt.

Default-user-icon Jim Tam (Guest) 15 June 2013, 22:43

Feed your people you salafist pig before pointing finger at others. Singeling out Hezbollah and turning a blind eye at the salafist terrorists makes you more of an idiot than ever

Default-user-icon why? (Guest) 15 June 2013, 23:17

would you like to recall the history, I will help you. Try to understand the legends of Abraham, specially, Hajjar's ( wife of Abraham, originally from Egypt) story. Egypt historically has been behind the big unknown changes , but never changed, only changed states around it. They brought Islamism back in 1920, which was replaced by Arabism to secure the others and to create the nationality that never existed. Who benefits, non Arabs, BEDOIN ( GULF STATES ) who now has secured power and verdict the future of the Middle East. but historically had no values, compare to real people, and societies, Damascus, that NOW IS BAND FROM THE ARABS LEAGUE, but was the head of it for decades. Hypothetic society.

Thumb Senescence 15 June 2013, 23:28

Oh come now, of course Syria would prefer a relation with Egypt. The more allies the merrier.

The way I see it though, this won't make much of a difference. Egypt isn't involved in any way, he's just trying to gain a bit of popularity (of which he hardly has any, frankly).

Also, again: political solution is still the best option. Till when can the Syrian government sustain itself, while rebels have a continuous supply of food/drugs/small arms&ammunition/and jihadists ?

Thumb benzona 16 June 2013, 01:05

Morsi used the wring terminology. It isn't a war, it's a revolution which is being crushed by the regime. The outcome remains uncertain.

Missing canadianadam 16 June 2013, 01:27

Nice try FT and Mowaten. I can spot your many accounts from miles away.

Their is no relationship between re Muslim Brotherhood and Al Nusra, but the MB is probably the most supported group among moderate Muslims in Egypt and many other countries. You arnt going to turn us against the people who arose in the Arab Spring.

Good luck when they start involving militarily. Hassan N will be crawling up Claouns behind to hide from them.

Missing canadianadam 16 June 2013, 01:28

Especially when one accounts for 1.6 billion and one is 100 million - lets do the math.

Missing Lebanonwbass 16 June 2013, 02:53

Hizbollah's days are numbered, they just opened a can of worms by going to Syria. all nations are finally realizing their true evil agenda and uniting against them. HA should fear the Arab world now not only Israel.

Thumb mckinl 16 June 2013, 03:04

A very disappointing but completely expected decision. Egypt and the leadership Muslim Brotherhood is in desperate shape and needs the sponsorship of Qatar and the US and the loans forthcoming from the IMF.

Egypt is on the verge of a complete and total economic meltdown. Business is reporting that it is getting difficult to get their foreign orders and investors are saying getting profits out is being squeezed.

Once Egypt is in the clutches of IMF their budget will have to be approved by the IMF which means cutting all subsidies for food and fuel and slashing social programs ... as we have seen everywhere else.

Missing people-power 16 June 2013, 03:12

Total propaganda BS, but nice try

Thumb Senescence 16 June 2013, 03:54

people-power, I don't believe it's "propaganda BS', especially seeing as how Egypt is the 4th most recipient of U.S. foreign aid((2001-2010)--behind Iraq, Afghanistan,Russia) and the 5th most(2012, 2013(allocated) --behind Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq). So perhaps appealing to his people and simultaneously to the U.S. government is the wisest choice for Morsi. It's always politics, never justice.

Missing mohammad_ca 16 June 2013, 04:08

Those stats are under Mubarak. Very little if any aid since Morsi won but nice try.

Thumb Senescence 16 June 2013, 04:26

Well, mohammad_ca, it is true that most of the aid was received under Mubarak, but I don't quite see the argument.

Indeed, relatively little aid has been received by Morsi compared to Mubarak, but that's because Mubarak had been in the game for quite a long time.

I remember Kerry informing Morsi that if Egypt were to receive the requested amount of U.S. aid, he would need to adopt certain changes and this unprecedented move by Morsi seems to be exactly the kind of change Kerry implied (economic, social, political, etc.).

Still though, sir, the U.S. aid figures above are true, and the 2012/2013 packages were/are to be used by Morsi's government.

Morsi pleasing his people and appealing to U.S. interests is the wisest choice he can make, and make that choice he did.

Missing mohammad_ca 16 June 2013, 06:24

you remember it ? you were there?

Missing people-power 16 June 2013, 06:57

Examples of BS propaganda:

1. Egypt is on the verge of complete and total economic meltdown
2. "Business" is reporting... blah blah blah
3. "Investors" are saying .... blah blah blah
4. So perhaps appealing to ... blah blah blah
5. I remember Kerry informing Morsi ... blah blah blah

Here are some trends you should pay attention to:

1. Bashar Assad is a brutal murderous genocidal dictator
2. The vast majority of Syrians are Sunni and are against Assad
3. The Sunni Arab world hates Iran
4. After Qusayr, Hezbollah is now recognized by everyone as a Shia sectarian militia controlled by Iran
5. Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah claim to be the "resistance" front against Israel, and yet both Fatah and Hamas support the uprising against Assad, and are now also aligned against Iran and Hezbollah (Hamas is now more in alignment with Qatar and Egypt)

Missing bigcat 16 June 2013, 04:02

Morsi another revolution is looming in Egypt ,I think you should be worried about your lack of leadership, so stop diverting the situation onto Syria and worry about the knives been sharpend as you speak . Down with you & your Moslem brotherhood . A horses' mouth is better looking than yours, don't open it too much when you speak.

Thumb primesuspect 16 June 2013, 06:56

Morsi, khamenei, nusrallah, same shit different logos.

Missing mohammad_ca 16 June 2013, 04:11

I hardly think he knows who the heck u r so I really doubt he cares if you have relations with u. If you mean the regime then why didn't they severe ties first if they didn't want relations with him?

Default-user-icon Zulfikar Bidashi (Guest) 16 June 2013, 11:30

What makes ahl al sanni, aka the crazy self-exploding scab infested lunatics, crazier and crazier and crazier in addition to being filthier than the filthiest filth? Yes, you guessed it: having their bearded moustacheless faces squashed in dirt while a shoe presses their necks down.

Default-user-icon lakshjfyer (Guest) 16 June 2013, 18:08

inshalla isra2il betdal tnik emmetkon ya zbelet el 3alam ya tobjiyi bala baydat