Report: New STL Arrest Warrants Against More than 14 Suspects Soon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon is expected to issue in the coming months more arrest warrants in the case of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s assassination, informed sources told al-Liwaa daily published Monday.

The warrants could be issued before or shortly after the 30-day period granted to Lebanon to serve out the STL warrants that were handed to Lebanese authorities last week. If the suspects are not arrested within that period, the tribunal can then publicly call on the four Hizbullah members to surrender.

The sources said that 14 to 17 new suspects could be named. They are part of the network that planned and collaborated with the four people who allegedly executed ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s assassination.

The four suspects are Mustafa Badreddine, Salim Ayyash, Hassan Aneissy, known as Hassan Issa, and Assad Sabra.

The sources also told al-Liwaa that STL agencies are now studying information unveiled by Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Saturday.

During his speech, Hizbullah’s al-Manar television aired footage which Nasrallah said showed former U.N. investigator Gerhard Lehmann receiving cash in exchange for documents in the Hariri case.

Al-Manar also aired a document which Nasrallah said proved investigators had transferred IT equipment across Naqoura into Israel when it moved its staff to the Netherlands in 2009.

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Thumb arzz 04 July 2011, 09:22

Whoever it is that killed Hariri deserves to be brought to justice. Whether that is HA, Syria, or the untouchable israel.

But I never see any special tribunal for whoever killed the state of Palestine, and is still occupying the west bank, East Juraselm, Golan and Shabaa. The one that is still oppressing people and doing so believing that it is their God given right.

So in conclusion, no matter what the STL does, ultimate justice will not be served in this region.

Default-user-icon Dgiameel (Guest) 04 July 2011, 10:20

I like the poster: alma7kama... li ajal loubnan. The only ajal it brought was that of Mafia Hariri & Co., SARl and his Christian Sunnis. Who knew the killing of Mafioso Rafik would after 6 lonnnnnnng years turn out to be such a blessing, opposite to the goals of the assassins, Israel and their pimps, the US.

Missing peace 04 July 2011, 12:35

mowaten change your name please because supporting a militia that doesn t want to obey in any case to the laws of the gvt you can t call yourself as mowaten...
mowaten means obeying the laws of your country... not the laws of a militia! in which case you are outlaw...

this name suits you best= outlaw!

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 04 July 2011, 13:38

Hezbollah can kill who they want when they want! Leave us alone!!

Default-user-icon Sigma Tau Lambda (Guest) 04 July 2011, 14:24

Who cares even if the number goes up to 3.5 million? The STL is a farce and will remain a farce run by Friends-of-Israel, with March 14 being proud members.

Thumb thepatriot 04 July 2011, 14:43

@Phenicien AKA Hassan Nasrallah
You and all you murderers friends are Going DOWN!
Today, tomorrow, or in 300 years! It's just a matter of time!

Missing peace 04 July 2011, 18:05

bigdig and mowaten:
1/ when someone is innocent he doesn t fear justice and has enough evidence to prove it!!! esp. the STL is based on that rule: so if your militia is 100% innocent they would show to the world the proof of their innocence...
2/ the STL was approved by hezbollah and by everyone in this country but when they saw that, even if the syrian puppets at that time try to clean the murder scene of all evidence to innocent whoever did the bombing, they have gathered enough evidence to indict people.
3/ 62 countries work for the STL : they are all israeli or US? waw! the whole world is against you poor people! think why then!
4/ i can give you facts of the thug methods you use to intimidate people but all you answer is by insults, typical behavior of people that can t defend themselves, typical aounist hezbi reactions....
5/ innocent lebnanese were killed: it seems to you that their lives are worthless , shame on you! as you don t want to know who killed them!

Missing toivas 04 July 2011, 23:36

It is crazy how people can be so easily brainwashed. They tell them that the tribunal is politicized and Israeli, they believe it and start repeating the rethoric like a parrot. They are still talking about colonization as if we were back in the 1920s...

No murderer did ever go to court without saying that they are innocent and without rejecting the trial. Look at what happened in Yugoslavia, Ruwanda and the Red Khmeir.... Criminals will eventually be brought to justice and jailed for the rest of their miserable lives whether they like it or not and this is not something anyone on this blog can change by posting useless comments!

Missing peace 05 July 2011, 01:34

ya chateer ya mowaten irani!

you are just so afraid of the truth and justice! if you had any pieces of evidence to innocent you you would show them and let the world see the truth!

but hezb has nothing that is why they prefer to bring this country to chaos rather than present the so called evidence it has!!

remember towel head promised missiles baad haifa wa baad baad haifa, we are still waiting just like the evidence he pretends to have...

but you are good at reciting what otv or el manar says no doubt on that!
poor you...

Default-user-icon falanges (Guest) 05 July 2011, 08:00

TO MOWATAN: ok simple question, you say you know who killed Hariri and crew.....can you please tell me. just an answer from you please cause i seriously don t know who killed them.