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Kerry Tells Trump that Americans Want Climate Action

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made an impassioned plea Sunday for America to maintain action on global warming, despite the election of climate-change denier Donald Trump.

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Kerry Becomes First U.S. Top Diplomat to Visit Antarctica

Secretary of State John Kerry became the highest-ranking U.S. government official to visit Antarctica Friday, citing global risks of climate change and the importance of aggressive action to counter it.

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Climate Change Affects Nearly all Life on Earth

Most life on Earth is already being changed by the warming climate, even though the rise in global temperature since pre-industrial times has been rather slight, researchers warned on Thursday.

The study in the journal Science found that 82 percent of key ecological processes -- including genetic diversity and migration patterns -- are being altered by global warming.

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Study: U.S. Climate Pledges Likely to Go Unmet

The United States will likely fail to meet its pledges under the landmark Paris climate pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, analysts said Thursday on the margin of U.N. climate talks.

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Supermarket Demands Fueling Food Waste Crisis, Says U.N.

Supermarket obsession with perfect looking produce and the use of arbitrary "best before" labels are causing massive food waste that if reversed could feed the world's hungry, a U.N. panel said Thursday.

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Environmentalists Must Work Harder after Trump Win

British primatologist and renowned environmentalist Jane Goodall said Thursday that those who care for the planet would have to work harder in response to Donald Trump's shock US presidential election victory.

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Climate Diplomats Push Back against Trump Victory

Stunned participants at UN climate talks in Marrakesh insisted Wednesday that climate change denier Donald Trump cannot derail the global shift to clean energy, although some called his victory in US presidential elections a "disaster".

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Turning Sun into Water in Parched Rural Morocco

In the arid mountains of eastern Morocco, people know the value of water all too well. 

"Every drop is like gold. It should almost be measured by the carat," said local activist Najib Bachiri.

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U.N. Says Climate Change Making Extreme Weather Events Worse

Climate change has made deadly heatwaves and hurricanes, along with droughts and flooding, both more frequent and more intense in recent years, according to a U.N. report released Tuesday.

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UN Talks to Implement Landmark Paris Climate Pact Open

UN talks to implement the landmark Paris climate pact opened in Marrakesh on Monday, buoyed by gathering momentum but threatened by the spectre of climate change denier Donald Trump in the White House.

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