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Cleaning Campaign in Lebanon's Tripoli

On Sunday, October 30th, UN-Habitat hosted a day-long Cleaning Campaign Event in the neighborhood of Haddadine, Tripoli in Lebanon. In partnership with the Municipality of Tripoli, the Ahal El Ataa Scouts, LaVajet Cleaning Company, the Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) and Utopia, the cleaning event aimed to spread awareness about the importance of managing solid waste through community action.

The Cleaning Campaign Day event was part of the larger Solid Waste Management program that stemmed from the Neighborhood Profile on Haddadine developed by UN-Habitat in Lebanon. This event kicked off the larger cleaning and awareness campaign directed at empowering local communities to take charge of their environments.

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Could Trump Unravel Paris Climate Change Deal?

Diplomats gather next week for a fresh round of U.N. climate talks in Morocco, but all eyes will be on the US where presidential elections may determine the planet's future.

Republican nominee Donald Trump, who has described global warming as a "hoax", said in May he would "cancel" the climate-rescue Paris Agreement if elected leader of the free world.

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UAE to Host Region's First Carbon Capture Plant

The Middle East's first factory to suck carbon dioxide out of the air has begun operating in the United Arab Emirates, developers and a minister said Saturday.

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Kerry to Be First US Top Diplomat to Visit Antarctica

John Kerry, an ardent champion of the fight against climate change, will become the first top US diplomat to visit Antarctica, where the world's largest protected marine reserve was just created.

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Schools to Shut as Delhi Chokes on Pollution

Some 1,800 primary schools in New Delhi were ordered to shut down Saturday as the Indian capital grapples with some of the worst pollution in recent years, an official said.

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Pakistan's Lahore Chokes on Toxic Smog

Thousands of citizens of Pakistan's Lahore, one the world's most polluted cities, complained Thursday of breathing difficulties and irritable eyes as a blanket of thick smog was forecast to persist for several days.

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Deeper Carbon Cuts Needed to Avoid Climate 'Tragedy'

The world's nations must urgently ramp up commitments to cut planet-warming carbon emissions to avoid "human tragedy," the United Nations warned on Thursday.

As they stand, the measures -- which do not kick in until 2020 -- would still allow average global temperatures to climb as high as 3.4 degrees Celsius (6.1 degrees Fahrenheit) by century's end, a recipe for massive climate damage, the UN Environment Programme said in its annual "Emissions Gap" report.

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Climate Science: Bad News Gets Worse

Diplomats from 196 nations gather from Monday for 12-day UN climate talks tasked with charting a path for capping global warming at "well below" two degree Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial era levels. 

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UK Govt. Loses High Court Case on Air Pollution

Environmental campaigners in Britain won a High Court legal battle on Wednesday over the government's failure to tackle air pollution to meet European standards.

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300 Million Children Breathe Heavily Toxic Air, Says UNICEF

Some 300 million children live with outdoor air so polluted it can cause serious physical damage, including harming their developing brains, the United Nations said in a study released Monday.

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