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Copenhagen Set to Divest from Fossil Fuels

Copenhagen’s mayor has announced plans to divest the city’s 6.9bn kroner (£700m) investment fund of all holdings in coal, oil and gas.

If his proposal is approved at a finance committee meeting next Tuesday, as expected, the Danish capital will become the country’s first investment fund to sell its stocks and bonds in fossil fuels.

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California Cut Water Use 18.3% in December, Still Barely Meeting Gov. Brown's Mandate

As state water regulators consider extending drought restrictions though the fall, officials reported Tuesday that urban Californians had reduced their water use by 18.3% during December.

The savings, which are compared with December 2013 water usage levels, were the smallest in seven months of reporting and put California’s cumulative savings at 25.5%, down from 26.3% in November.

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Obama Using Final Budget Request to Push for Action against Climate Change

Barack Obama called on Congress to double funding for clean energy research on Saturday, using his final budget request – and one of the last high-profile moments of his presidency – to push for action against climate change.

The president said his final budget on Tuesday would propose doubling clean energy research spending from $6.4bn to $12.8bn by 2020.

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A Small New England College Goes 100 Percent Solar

In western Massachusetts sits a small liberal arts college doing big things in the way of sustainability.

Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., will soon be home to a "living building" and the only residential college generating 100 percent of its electricity from solar panels.

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Civil Aviation Takes First Step towards Capping Carbon Emissions

Experts have reached an agreement marking the first step towards the adoption of long sought-after carbon emissions norms for civil aircraft, a U.N. group said on Tuesday.

The planned measure, which wraps up six years of negotiations, would apply to new aircraft models from 2020, the U.N.'s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) said in a statement.

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Morocco to Switch on First Phase of World's Largest Solar Plant

Morocco’s king will switch on the first phase of a concentrated solar power plant on Thursday that will become the world’s largest when completed.

The power station on the edge of the Saharan desert will be the size of the country’s capital city by the time it is finished in 2018, and provide electricity for 1.1 million people.

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How Hidden Labyrinths Under Cities are Becoming Clean Energy Powerhouses

They course through many of the world’s biggest cities: miles of underground pipes built decades ago, ferrying steam or hot water to a network of buildings. Misty manhole covers on urban streets signal the presence of what’s known as district energy.

Widely used but rarely mentioned in conversations about how cities can slash climate-warming greenhouse gases while sustaining growth, district energy is attracting new interest. The United States alone has more than 700 of these subterranean systems, some dating back to the 1880s.

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Chinese Market Electrifying for 'Green' Cars

Government subsidies are fueling a boom in electric vehicles in China, driving hopes for the industry's global future as the world's biggest car market offers economies of scale that could make the technology mainstream.

Sales of electric cars, though still modest, have rocketed four-fold in a year -- thanks in part to lavish government handouts -- as Beijing looks to cut down on dangerous air pollution that shrouds urban areas.

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Filming 'Revenant' Gave SAG Winner Leonardo DiCaprio 'Terrifying' First-Hand View on Climate Change

Canada and South America’s breathtaking backdrops in “The Revenant” gave its award-winning star, Leonardo DiCaprio, a “terrifying” up close and personal look at climate change.

Record-breaking temperatures linked to climate change are the new normal for residents forced to endure their changing environment, the actor learned while filming the movie in locations that included Mexico, Argentina, British Columbia and Alberta.

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Climate Change Could Devastate Africa. It’s already Hurting this Kenyan Town

The lake that Philip Tioko relies on for survival is a fine turquoise strip that seems to recede farther into the distance each day. His fishing village once hugged the shore, but now it is 800 feet away, and everything — food, water and employment — is drying up.

Tioko, 46, remembers when fish were abundant in Lake Turkana, the world’s largest desert lake, and there was enough rain for his livestock. “I used to have so many animals. The lake used to be full — life was good,” he said.

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