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Construction of World's Largest Dam in DR Congo Could Begin within Months

The largest dam in the world is set to begin construction within months and could be generating electricity in under five years. But 35,000 people may have to be relocated and it could be built without any environmental or social impact surveys, say critics.

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Nigeria Launches Clean-Up in Devastated Oil Spill Region

Nigeria's vice-president on Thursday launched a $1 billion oil pollution clean-up program in the Niger delta, after President Muhammadu Buhari pulled out of visiting the restive region.

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Why the New Sea Level Alarm Can't Be Ignored

There are days when even a born optimist starts to waver in his conviction. The release of a new study projecting that sea level could rise between five and six feet by 2100—when many children born today will still be alive and have been forced to move inland—made Thursday one of those days.

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Statue of Liberty and Venice among Sites at Risk from Climate Change, Says U.N.

Climate change now poses the single biggest threat to the world’s most famous heritage sites – including the Galápagos islands, the Statue of Liberty, Easter Island and Venice – according to a UN sponsored report.

The researchers looked at 31 natural and cultural world heritage sites in 29 countries that are vulnerable to increasing temperatures, melting glaciers, rising seas, more intense weather, worsening droughts and longer wildfire seasons. They believe this number is the tip of the iceberg.

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Backlash over Shooting of Gorilla at U.S. Zoo

A public backlash intensified Monday after zookeepers killed a critically endangered gorilla holding a young boy who had fallen into its enclosure in a horrifying incident captured on video.

Harambe, a 17-year-old Western lowland silverback gorilla, was shot after the four-year-old crawled through a barrier and tumbled into the enclosure on Saturday.

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Third of Coral 'Dead or Dying' in Parts of Barrier Reef

At least 35 percent of corals in parts of Australia's Great Barrier Reef are dead or dying from mass bleaching caused by global warming, scientists said Monday.

The assessment was made following months of aerial and underwater surveys after the worst bleaching in recorded history first became evident in March as sea temperatures rise.

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Trump Won't be Able to Derail Paris Climate Deal, Says Senior U.S. Official

The US would still meet its obligations under the Paris accord on climate change if Donald Trump were elected president, a senior US administration official has told the Guardian.

He said the path of the US towards a lower-carbon economy was already set, and was dependent on market forces that would not easily succumb to political tinkering.

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NDCs - From Climate Plans to Climate Action - High-level Views at Bonn Conference

Bonn, May 17 2016 - A high-level event at the Bonn Climate Change Conference today focused on how to move forward with implementing countries’ national climate action plans - nationally determined contributions (NDCs) - under the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

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Greenpeace Activists Scale British Museum to Protest BP Sponsorship

Greenpeace activists have climbed the British Museum and have hung banners off its columns in protest at BP’s sponsorship of its new ancient Egypt exhibition.

The museum was temporarily closed for around four hours on Thursday during the protest because of “visitor safety reasons.”

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Across Africa, the Worst Food Crisis since 1985 Looms for 50 Million

Harvest should be the time for celebrations, weddings and full bellies in southern Malawi. But Christopher Witimani, Lilian Matafle and their seven children and four grandchildren had nothing to celebrate last week as they picked their meagre maize crop.

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