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India Ratifies Historic Paris Climate Change Pact

India, the world's third biggest carbon emitter, ratified the Paris agreement on climate change on Sunday on the birthday of the country's famously ascetic independence leader Mahatma Gandhi.

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EU Agrees to Ratify Paris Climate Deal

EU environment ministers agreed Friday to fast-track the ratification of the landmark Paris agreement on climate change, despite the fact that some national parliaments have yet to approve the deal.

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Wild Weather Hits South Australia after Mass Blackout

South Australia braced for a second night of severe weather Thursday, with tens of thousands of homes still without power after "catastrophic" storms knocked out supply to the entire population.

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Taking the Environmental Bite out of Salmon Farming

In a peaceful bay off Norway's Hitra island, massive nets teem with salmon destined for dinner tables worldwide -- an export boon for the Nordic nation that comes with a long list of environmental side-effects.

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Vietnamese Fishermen Sue Taiwan Steel Firm over Fish Deaths

Hundreds of Vietnamese fishermen have filed claims against a Taiwanese steel company to be compensated for losses caused by its release of toxic chemicals.

The factory, owned by the Formosa Plastics Group, acknowledged in June that it was responsible for the pollution that killed large numbers of fish off the central Vietnamese coast in April, and pledged to pay $500 million to clean it up and compensate affected people.

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Study: Earth's Climate Past Points to Overheated Future

Our planet may grow intolerably hot even if greenhouse gases in the atmosphere remain at current levels, according to the first two-million-year reconstruction of surface temperatures, published on Monday.

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Melting Greenland Ice Threatens to Expose Cold War Waste

A snow-covered former US army base in Greenland -- dubbed "a city under ice" -- could leak pollutants into the environment as the climate changes, raising difficult questions over who is responsible for a clean-up.

In 1959, US army engineers began constructing a futuristic project in northwestern Greenland that might as well have been lifted from a Cold War spy movie.

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Global Efforts against Ivory Traffickers Still Fall Short

Conservationists at an international wildlife meeting in South Africa say poaching syndicates moved large shipments of elephant ivory in 2015, despite increasing calls to dismantle trafficking networks that often collude with government officials.

A document released by conference organizers on Saturday says the illegal ivory trade "has remained fairly constant at unacceptably high levels" since 2010.

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U.N. Trims Nuclear Power Growth Forecasts

The U.N. atomic agency predicted Friday continued growth in nuclear power in the coming 15 years but trimmed its projections because of low fossil fuel prices and competition from renewables.

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Fossil Fuel Reserves would Crush Climate Goals

Developed oil, gas and coal reserves, if exhausted, are enough to push Earth well past the threshold for dangerous climate change, according to a report published Thursday.

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