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Border clashes: Latest developments

Hezbollah and Israel exchanged fire Wednesday a day after a U.N. official called for an end to the "dangerous cycle of violence", as tensions increased on the border.

An Israeli airstrike targeted the house of Hezbollah commander Ali Wehbe in Bint Jbeil, while Israeli warplanes bombed Beit Leef, Ramyeh, Ainata and al-Khraybeh.

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US says Hezbollah, Iran in Yemen aiding Houthi attacks

Operatives from Iran and Hezbollah are working inside Yemen to support Houthi insurgents' attacks on international shipping, a U.S. official said.

Tim Lenderking, the U.S. special envoy for Yemen, told a Senate subcommittee that Iran's clerical state was "equipping and facilitating" the Houthi attacks, which have triggered retaliatory U.S. and British strikes on Yemen.

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US says Israel has assured it that it wants a diplomatic path with Lebanon

The United States said Tuesday that it does not want to witness an escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.

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Halevi says Hezbollah must pay 'very high price' for joining Hamas war

Israeli army chief Herzi Halevi has said that Hezbollah must “pay a very high price” for its continued attacks on northern Israel.

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Wronecka urges Israel-Hezbollah de-escalation and steps towards longer-term Solutions

The U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Joanna Wronecka is “deeply concerned by the gradual expansion in the exchange of fire across the Blue Line in scope, scale and intensity, which increases the risks of a broader conflagration and undermines Security Council Resolution 1701 (2006),” her office said in a statement. 

“She urges an immediate halt to this dangerous cycle of violence and return to a cessation of hostilities,” the statement said.

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Is Israel-Hezbollah fighting about to spiral?

Fighting between Hezbollah and Israel took a dangerous turn this week with Israeli strikes deep into Lebanese territory, further stoking fears of all-out war between the arch-foes.

Hezbollah, a Hamas ally, has exchanged near-daily fire with the Israeli army since war erupted between Israel and the Gaza-based Palestinian militant group on October 7.

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Hezbollah fires dozens of rockets at key Israeli bases after airstrikes

Hezbollah shelled a military base in Israel's Ga'aton with dozens of Katyusha rockets and launched a second attack with guided missiles on the Meron air control base in what it said were responses to Israeli attacks on southern Lebanese towns.

The Ga'aton base lies around nine kilometers from the border with Lebanon and the attack is the first to target it since the beginning of hostilities.

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Hochstein reportedly held 'extraordinary' contacts after Monday's escalation

U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein held “extraordinary” direct and indirect contacts with all parties in the region in the wake of Monday’s major escalation between Israel and Hezbollah, diplomatic sources said.

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Report: US tells Mikati that Gaza truce will apply to Lebanon

The latest Israeli escalation “has not changed Hezbollah’s stance” that “rules out an all-out Israeli war on Lebanon,” the Nidaa al-Watan newspaper reported.

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Report: Hezbollah rejects French paper, says it 'has not lost'

Hezbollah has rejected the French paper that was sent by the French embassy in Beirut to caretaker Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib last Wednesday, a media report said.

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