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Jumblat, Wahhab Reject Security Incidents in the Mountains

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat and Tawhid movement chief Wiam Wahhab stressed on Thursday the importance of preventing any security incident in the Mountains.

A statement issued by the Tawhid party said Wahhab visited Jumblat at his residence in Clemenceau and the two Druze leaders agreed to “follow-up the situation in the Mountains, particularly in sensitive areas.”

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March 8 Leaders Set to Meet to Heal Rift

A meeting was held lately between Ministers Ali Hassan Khalil and Jebran Bassil, and the aide of the Hizbullah chief, Hussein Khalil, to set the stage for talks between leaders of the March 8 coalition, media reports said Wednesday.

An Nahar newspaper said the meeting was aimed at containing the rift between them after the Hizbullah ministers voted at a cabinet session last week in favor of a proposal made by Premier Najib Miqati rather than supporting a decree on the increase in wages suggested by Minister Charbel Nahhas, who is their ally.

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Assad to Arslan-led Druze Delegation: Syria to Overcome Crisis

Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan, accompanied by a religious Druze delegation, on Thursday held talks in Damascus with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Addressing the Lebanese delegation, Assad said that “Syria is strong thanks to its people and the support of the brotherly and friendly people,” according to Syria’s state news agency SANA, stressing that “Syria is capable of overcoming the current events and that it won't ever give up its stances, principles and sovereignty whatever the pressures may be.”

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Arslan Meets Assad: Syria Has Overcome its Crisis

The head of the Lebanese Democratic Party MP Talal Arslan condemned on Tuesday the various positions taken by some Lebanese and regional forces over the developments in Syria, saying that they reflect the ambitions of foreign powers that seek to weaken Syria.

He said after holding talks in Damascus with President Bashar Assad: “Syria has overcome its crisis and it will emerge stronger than it was before.”

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Arslan to a Syrian Delegation: Syria, Lebanon Destinies are One

The Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan on Sunday said that Syrian and Lebanese fates are one stressing that what the West and Israel are planning for Syria will affect Lebanon.

"Lebanon and Syria's destinies are linked together, and thus, Lebanon's stability is linked to Syrian stability, its steadfastness and its resistance against the Western-Israeli campaign against it" Arslan said in front of a Syrian delegation who visited him at his residence in Khaldeh.

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Hizbullah, LDP and PSP Coordinate Stances in Meeting at Arslan’s Residence

A meeting was held between members of the Lebanese Democratic Party, the Progressive Socialist Party and Hizbullah at the residence of LDP leader MP Talal Arslan in Khalde, a statement said Friday.

The statement said that Wafiq Safa and Bilal Dagher represented Hizbullah while MP Akram Shehayyeb and Salah al-Btedini attended the meeting on behalf of Walid Jumblat’s PSP.

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Khaireddine Appointed State Minister to Replace Arslan

Baabda palace issued a decree on the appointment of Marwan Khaireddine as minister of state to replace Lebanese Democratic Party chief Talal Arslan on Monday.

The 30-member cabinet of Premier Najib Miqati is now complete with the new appointment.

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Jumblat Meets with Arslan Seeking a Ministerial Breakthrough

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblad held talks with Lebanese Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan in Mukhtara, the National News Agency reported on Saturday.

The gatherers discussed the general political situation and the latest developments in the presence of Transportation and Public Works Minister Ghazi al-Aridi.

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Suleiman Meets Miqati, Decree Appointing Replacement to Arslan to be Issued Soon

President Michel Suleiman and Premier Najib Miqati held talks at Baabda palace on Monday to agree on a replacement for Talal Arslan, who has announced his resignation from the new cabinet.

Media reports said a presidential decree is expected to be issued soon naming Marwan Kheireddine as the new minister of state without portfolio.

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Arslan Hands Written Resignation, Suleiman and Miqati to Discuss it Monday

The premiership received on Saturday Minister Talal Arslan’s written resignation from cabinet, reported LB television.

President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Najib Miqati will discuss this issue on Monday.

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