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Tripoli Figures Urge Intensive Security Measures, Reject Vigilante Groups

Tripoli's politicians and dignitaries on Friday said they reject to entrust vigilante groups with the security of their city in the wake of twin bombings that left more than 40 people dead and 600 others wounded, urging state authorities to “intensify security measures.”

“The conferees urge the city's residents to show patience, steadfastness and solidarity in order to heal the wounds. We also urge them to cooperate with all security forces to guarantee the security of their city,” said a statement recited by MP Mohammed Kabbara following an emergency meeting at this residence.

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Hizbullah Condemns Tripoli 'Terrorist Blasts', Warns against 'Rumors, Accusations'

Hizbullah on Friday condemned “the twin terrorist bombings that targeted innocent civilians in the city of Tripoli,” urging “wisdom and awareness.”

“The criminal hand of terror insists to preoccupy the Lebanese with the counting of their martyrs and wounded through targeting innocent civilians in all Lebanese regions,” the party said in a statement.

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Army Deploys to Contain Tripoli Unrest after Man Arrested for Appearing in Shaker's Video

Unrest erupted Monday afternoon in the northern city of Tripoli as a man was arrested for interrogation after he appeared alongside singer-turned-Islamist militant Fadel Shaker in a video circulated in the wake of the Abra battle.

“A hand grenade was hurled near Tripoli's Serail as gunmen appeared on the city's streets and blocked roads in al-Nour Square and al-Beddawi,” MTV reported.

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Tensions High in Tripoli after Two People are Wounded in Shootout with ISF

Two people were wounded on Thursday during an armed clash with members of the Internal Security Forces in the northern city of Tripoli.

Sami and Bashir Hassoun were injured during the clash linked to the arrest of Ziad Hassoun.

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Fake Bomb Planted in Tripoli's Qalamoun, Army Cordons Off Region

A bomb was found on Tripoli's Qalamoun highway on Thursday, LBCI television reported, adding that a Military official said that the device was fake and was not set for explosion.

The television channel had said earlier that the army has cordoned off the Qalamoun highway after three bombs linked to a fuse were found in the area.

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Inerga-type Rocket Hits Tripoli’s Jabal Mohsen

An Inerga-type rocket-propelled grenade hit the Tripoli neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen on Thursday night, causing material damage and “terrorizing” residents, As Safir daily reported.

The rocket landed near Café Omran that lies behind the Harakat al-Shabab field around 11:00 pm, the newspaper said.

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