Army Checkpoint Arrests Salafist in Arsal

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Lebanese army detained on Saturday a Lebanese man, who hails from the north, at a checkpoint in northeastern border town of Arsal.

According to the state-run National News Agency, the man belongs to a Salafist group and was arrested at dawn on Saturday at a checkpoint in Wadi Hmeid in Arsal.

Border areas in the north and east have been struck by frequent cross-border shelling and clashes linked to the Syrian crisis, while the Syrian regime has told Lebanon to better control its porous border to prevent the smuggling of fighters and arms.

Lebanon is sharply divided over the war in Syria and Arsal is a particular flashpoint as refugees from the uprising and fighters and smugglers hostile to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad traverse the border.

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Thumb sevilla 30 November 2013, 15:13

The article does not say why he was arrested. Sorry, but is being a Salafi or a Hanafi or whatever a crime in Lebanon?

Missing --karim_m2-- 30 November 2013, 21:17

Terrorism is a crime, and this man just happens to be Salafist (surprise surprise).

Missing greatpierro 01 December 2013, 04:35

Do you think that the army has nothing else to do but just arrest people because they are Salafists.

Thumb geha 30 November 2013, 17:28

if they want to arrest salafis fighting in Syria, they should first arrest hizbushaitan elements doing the same.

Missing --karim_m2-- 30 November 2013, 21:17

Yes! Excellent news!

Missing peace 30 November 2013, 22:46

on what grounds was he arrested? for being salafi? is being salafi punished by law in lebanon? if so they are right otherwise it is pure discrimination.

whether the article is not complete and does not say the reasons or the army acts on discrimination...

Missing --karim_m2-- 01 December 2013, 08:21

Maybe it's because the Salafist terrorists always attack the army and force it to respond?

It's simple - stop committing terrorism or harboring terrorists (i.e. FSA-Al Qaeda) and you will no longer be arrested.

Thumb profile 01 December 2013, 08:51

because the army is controlled by shias. The army shows muscle only on law abiding Sunnis.