Qassem Deems as 'Unconstitutional' Proposal to Form Govt. that Lacks Confidence Just to Stage Polls

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem voiced on Thursday his surprise with President Michel Suleiman's suggestion to form a government to stage the presidential elections even if it does not enjoy confidence.

He deemed such a proposal as unconstitutional.

“Such a government cannot take over duties from a caretaker cabinet and it therefore cannot even stage the presidential election because it does not even exist legally,” he explained.

“Such a proposal could lead Lebanon towards division and chaos,” warned Qassem.

“Officials are better off forming a national government that enjoys the confidence of parliament and that performs its duties, including holding the presidential elections,” he added.

“We hope that this cabinet would be formed as soon as possible,” he stressed.

Suleiman had made his suggestion on Monday, while confirming that the presidential elections will be held as scheduled in spring 2014.

His six-year term ends in May, but there are fears that the differences between the March 8 and 14 camps would lead to a vacuum in the country's top post.

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Thumb geha 12 December 2013, 15:30

we live in lala land!
where in the world does s turbaned stupid man even try to explain the constitution?
this qassem is a work of art :)

Thumb benzona 12 December 2013, 15:39

funny how this qassem, nasrallah and other terror decision-makers never go on the battlefield in syria. they always send the indoctrinated kids who lack maturity...... whilst they use terrorist kids in lebanon to screen our cars.

they behave like the M23 militia

Thumb ice-man 12 December 2013, 16:12

@mowaten: Your comments were repulsive and very offensive! No wonder they were deleted. You need to understand this is a public forum where people come to debate the issues and not to be insulted for simply disagreeing with you. I am astounded at your attitude and disrespect for your fellow commenters.

I hope you feel some remorse for your unacceptable behavior!

Missing watan-libnan 12 December 2013, 16:12

Who the hell is this guy who elected him and how has he served lebanon, who's for a secular lebanon?

Thumb cedars2 12 December 2013, 16:26

Constitutional... Him and everything he stands for is unconstitutional.

Thumb ice-man 12 December 2013, 16:27

Don't collect 200 either!

Default-user-icon me (Guest) 12 December 2013, 18:03

Constitution since when does this fool or Hezbollah leader ever know about constitution
When your a loyal to Lebanon that's when can talk bout constitutions and procedures. Also u apply the constitution when you see fit.. The president asked you withdraw from Syria ad you refused . your organisations doesnt respect the executive authority also what Hezbollah is doing is illegal.

Thumb Bandoul 12 December 2013, 20:48

Translation, Qassem is saying: for those of you who disagree with us (HA) meaning roughly 50% of the Lebanese, you are a hostage and an endured slave imprisoned by us in a cell we put you in and we are the warden. You will never escape and you will never be free. We decide what is constitutional and what is not and you have nothing to say about it because you are a slave and slaves obey. If you object then you may expect another May 7 to put you in your proper place which is under our control, at gunpoint. Now run along while we continue our jihad and do not feel free to follow your dreams of being free of tyranny and oppression.

Thumb shab 12 December 2013, 21:40

Filthy militia

Thumb ex-fpm 13 December 2013, 03:24

12 votes down and not a single poster from them! LOL

Thumb falanges 13 December 2013, 07:19

there is no way the person who is thumbing down has a job other than propaganda on this website

Thumb primesuspect 13 December 2013, 06:44

thugs isnt even strong enough. i'd say scum.