Bassil Warns Direct Assistance to Refugees Encourages their Stay in Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil warned on Tuesday that direct assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon would contribute to their stay in Lebanon, suggesting aid to the Lebanese government instead.

During a press conference with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Berlin, Bassil said: “The number of displaced Syrians has exceeded the logic.”

The Lebanese state needs a direct assistance to resolve this case, he said.

Bassil warned following the talks with the German FM that direct assistance to the displaced would encourage them to stay in Lebanon after the end of the war in Syria.

The number of refugees who have fled Syria and registered in Lebanon has exceeded 1 million, according to the U.N.

Bassil said he will meet Steinmeier in Beirut on May 30.

The German FM said during the press conference that Lebanon is the country most suffering from the burden of the Syrian refugees.

“It now faces the most difficult mission in containing the huge number of the displaced and meeting their needs, he said.

Steinmeier promised a bigger role for Berlin to resolve the problem.

“We tried to help by welcoming 10,000 Syrian refugees in Germany,” he said after Berlin granted the exiles two-year residence permits. It said it could extend them if the war in Syria continues.

The U.N. refugee agency on Sunday rebuked donors for not doing enough to help millions of Syrian refugees and the countries hosting them, saying the crisis demanded "massive support."

"There must be massive support from the international community at the level of government budgets and development projects related to education, health, water and infrastructure,” said U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres.

On Monday, Bassil urged Berlin to assist the army in its “war on terror.”

He met with Kristof Hausken, German Chancellor Angela Merkel's political and diplomatic adviser, and Parliamentary State Secretary Thomas Silberhorn.

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Thumb FlameCatcher 06 May 2014, 12:11

Bassil ! You know what would encourage Syrian refugee to stay in Lebanon ??? HEZBOLLAH's further involvement in Syria !

And while you're actually trying to pose as an actual foreign minister. How about you follow your president's order to "investigate" daily attacks by the syrian regime on Lebanese soil and file a complaint to the UNSC ?

Thumb FlameCatcher 06 May 2014, 13:32

Crushed Mowaten, if you want reality, go have a stroll in Hamra or any refugee camp and ask them who they are fleeing. While your at it, wear a Hezbollah T-Shirt and go offer food and medicine. We will see how they will greet you.

I give this challenge to any brainwashed idiot such as yourself because this is the only way you will snap out of the illusion you live in and face reality !

And what propaganda am I doing regarding imBassil's failure to respond to ORDERS from the president, investigate Syrian violations and file a complaint. If he believes there has been no violations, then let him state so !

Thumb cedre 06 May 2014, 15:43

lying crusher, arsal and akkar is full of qusayris and qalamounis, qusayr is almost empty... Lebanon is getting what he deserves...

Thumb FlameCatcher 06 May 2014, 17:03

I would do it Crushed Mowaten but would rather die than wear a Hezbollah T-Shirt and be butchered to death by an onslaught of Syrians who's lives are ruined because of the Kezb !

This proves my point ! You're full of Nasrallah!

Missing thatisit 06 May 2014, 12:15

sort of like the direct or indirect assistance that you and your father in law gets from Iran that encourages your ongoing bootlicking to HA and the butcher of damascus?

Missing brochant 06 May 2014, 12:27

its always better when aid passes through those dimwits in the government, it allows them to then share the toothpicks with the refugees.

Thumb FlameCatcher 06 May 2014, 13:46

FPM has Lebanese interest at heart ? They are defending the attack of Lebanese sovereignty by Iran and Syria. They are defending Hezbollah's war in Syria which is directly responsible for a large chunk of the influx of refugees. They are blocking the presidential elections and fail to propose a candidate.

The only thing the FPM has at heart is the interests of Michel Aoun. It pisses on the rest of the Lebanese and would create an alliance with the devil if he promised Aoun the presidency. Luckily, even the devil would not place him in this post !

Thumb FlameCatcher 06 May 2014, 14:58

@Roar : typical threat of typical M8 goons who can only achieve things by violence, insults and killing or eliminating their opponents.

You're failure to reply is an indication of the vast emptiness in your tiny little head. It also shows you are incapable of reply or dialogue.

Now, send your goons to kick me out of here or murder me. Whatever it is you do to shut up your opponents :)

Thumb FlameCatcher 06 May 2014, 15:46

What Violence ?

The same violence that pushes Hezbollah to storm media organisations to shut them up. The same violence that leads Hezbollah to block roads whenever someone criticizes or mocks your living god Hassouné. The same violence that leads to killing of protesters in front of the iranian embassy. The same violence that leads to the murder of journalists.

In fact, the same violence that will turn you brain dead and start asking for proof when you're drowning in it !

Thumb FlameCatcher 06 May 2014, 16:34

@Crusher : everyday, emptiness, irrelevance, and... propaganda and lies coming from you.

In fact, you're incapable of proving me wrong !

Yalla, take my points one by one and expose my lies !!! I dare you !

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 06 May 2014, 13:59

send all refugees Syrians and Palestinians to the gulf countries where there is enough money to cater for their needs
btw not 1 refugee camp in the gulf countries be it Palestinian or Syrian

Default-user-icon tiba (Guest) 06 May 2014, 15:08

Sorry, but tiny Lebanon can NOT pick up the slack any more... Time for all Syrians + Palestinians = to go somewhere else...Enough is enough..Anytime there is a problem anywhere on this earth even in Jupiter, right way, Lebanon has to suffer somehow; whereas the rest of the world is enjoying their day to day life!!

Thumb cedre 06 May 2014, 15:45

t'es le mieux placer ici pour le savoir...

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 06 May 2014, 16:07

he is 100% right!!! In times of peace we were flooded by Syrian workers. they are not refugees, they are economic immigrants! All is well if they pay taxes, and social security; however they work in black, for minimal wages, Syrian owned businesses do not pay taxes, nor contributions to social security. This situation will not be tolerated in any country in the world!! Why should we accept it??

Thumb lebanon_first 06 May 2014, 16:41

Roar. Partly true. FPM, Kataeb, and FL are the only ones who have Lebanon's agenda at heart. weirdly enough, they are foes.

HA's interest is way beyond lebanon, seeking to reinforce Iranian interests in the region, Amal's agenda is strictly employing Lebanon's shia in the state and raising their salaries, and Mustakbal is going up and down with the Saudi mood.

Thumb lebanon_first 06 May 2014, 17:32

roar. I do live and work in lebanon.

And the refugee issue is paramount. half the public school students are syrians, learning on our expense, bread, Electricity, diesel, all is subsidised for syrians like lebanese. Meanwhile refugees get their checks from UNRWA, and Lebanese govt gets nothing. And all our moslem leadership is doing nothing. Only people talking are FPM, Kataeb and LF.

Thumb cedre 06 May 2014, 20:43

idiotic bassil speaking against refugees in germany, while germany is the european country with the most refugees, among them lots of lebanese...

Missing peace 06 May 2014, 23:22

"suggesting aid to the Lebanese government instead."

sure and like in any 3rd world country the money will never be redistributed to those in need but rather in their pockets...