Health Ministry Contract Axed after Hospital Refuses to Admit Cancer-Hit Kid

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Health Minister Wael Abou Faour on Wednesday scrapped the contract signed between the ministry and Tripoli's al-Nini Hospital, which has allegedly refused to admit a child suffering from Leukemia, or blood cancer.

“Following investigations by the Ministry of Health into the case of the minor girl (Tala Jomaa) who was denied entry by the al-Nini Hospital in Tripoli, and after hearing the testimonies of the hospital's administration, the toddler's parents and several witnesses, Health Minister Wael Abou Faour decided to cancel the contract signed between the ministry and al-Nini Hospital,” the minister's press office said.

According to the office's statement, Abou Faour sent a memo to the hospital's administration, warning that any such incident will be referred to the public prosecution in the future.

The minister also called on all hospitals in the country to “fully abide by the stipulations of the contracts signed between them and the Ministry of Health” and to “totally refrain from denying entry to patients.”

He urged them to end any discrimination among patients “according to their financial status or their medical insurers.”

Moreover, Abou Faour warned hospitals against charging patients illegal fees “under pain of administrative and legal punitive measures,” stressing that he will not be lenient in “protecting the natural right of all citizens to medical care and hospitalization and in preserving their dignity, safety and health.”

After several media outlets drew attention to her case on Tuesday, 5-year-old Tala was admitted to the al-Nini Hospital following the minister's intervention.

A statement issued by the hospital on Tuesday said Tala had recently spent 16 days at the hospital and that she was granted full medical care at the expense of the Ministry of Health.

“Following the doctor's approval, she was discharged from hospital on May 10, 2014,” the hospital said.

“Tala was brought on Tuesday to take a kidrolase (intramuscular) injection and this treatment does not require hospital admission according to the attending physician. The hospital's administration did not refuse to let her in and she received treatment for 'half a day',” the statement added.

But the child's father hit back at the statement, describing the hospital's explanation as “inaccurate.”

“The administration said it would not let the child in … except after the payment of $2,000,” the father said.



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Default-user-icon Macalow (Guest) 14 May 2014, 17:51

People...Listen to this fool speak. The Ministry of Health has a contract in place and in paying the hospital money you TWIT.

Thumb Dimyl452 14 May 2014, 18:25

I rarely post comments and when I do it's never to criticize anyone here but you, pajama.boy, are an ignorant lowlife human being! How dare you criticize the parents for not having enough money to treat a sick child? Do you think they ever wished to have a kid with cancer?? People like you is what is wrong with the world today! If you didn't exist the world would be a much better place! You should be ashamed of your comment!

Default-user-icon miamiusa (Guest) 14 May 2014, 19:08

Every person have the right to medical services free of charge if he or she cannot afford it , been poor is not a crime the hospital have the obligation of accepting the poor and the rich alike with or without insurance . NO ONE SHOULD BE DENIED MEDICAL SERVICE based on how much money they have .

Default-user-icon David (Guest) 15 May 2014, 13:20

before making any negative comments about the hospital the media and the people should know the truth that the hospital didn't refuse the child but warned the father about his bad communication with the employees and about his bad language,
the child entered the hospital before for about 1 month and nothing happened, but the father insist to make problem with the hospital

Default-user-icon David (Guest) 15 May 2014, 13:29

هناك تساؤولات برسم المعنيين؟
ان الفتاة تتابع علاجها منذ فترة في مستشفى النيني من دون اي مشاكل تذكر (بغض النظر عن بعض التصرفات الاستفزازية التي كان يقوم بها والد الفتاة والكلام البذيء والتصرفات الغير اخلاقية مع الموظفين )
فلماذا هذه الهجمة الان الغير طبيعية من الاعلام؟ رغم ان المستشفى قد وافق على ادخال الفتاة لمتابعة علاجها ولكن قد وجه انذار شفهي من المستشفى الى الوالد بسبب تصرفاته.
فهل تستحق كل هذه الضجة؟ ام ان النجاح الذي حققته المستشفى منذ فترة وجيزة قد ازعج البعض فقرروا ان يرمو سمومهم؟