Israel Threatens to Return Lebanon to Stone Age after Nasrallah Speech

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Israel's Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz has warned that Israel would return Lebanon to the stone age if Hizbullah attacked the Jewish State.

“In order to avoid any doubt on the matter, (Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan) Nasrallah the cowardly braggart should know this: that option does not exist for us!,” Katz wrote on his facebook page, according to Israeli media.

“If such a scenario does materialize, we will raze Lebanon to the ground! We will return it to the Stone Age and bury (Nasrallah) under the rocks,” he said after a fiery speech by the Hizbullah chief on Ashura.

Nasrallah said Tuesday that “Israel's threats of another war on Lebanon do not stem from its power because it has lost hope and is concerned.”

He reiterated that Hizbullah “is fully ready in southern Lebanon” despite the presence of the party's fighters in Syria.

“You should close all of your airports and your ports because there is no place extending on the land of occupied Palestine that the resistance’s rockets cannot reach,” Nasrallah warned.



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Default-user-icon Piotr (Guest) 05 November 2014, 08:01

We are already in the stone age... unfortunately

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 November 2014, 17:35

Katz sounds hysterical lol

Thumb liberty 06 November 2014, 04:56

not as much as you troll

Thumb freedomarch 05 November 2014, 08:08


Thumb geha 05 November 2014, 08:11

to katz: Lebanon is has been returned to the stone age thanks to hizbushaitan.
if you execute what you say for once, then we will recover our Lebanon and will make it prosper again.

thus you will be doing us a favor by finally eradicating these extremist terrorist Iranian militia.
that is hijacking our country.

Missing appletalk 05 November 2014, 12:04

sovereign geha begging the israeli to raze lebanon to the ground, then when someone accuses geha of treachery, she violently denies it. ghareeb!

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 November 2014, 17:35

and when he's not begging israel to kill his fellow lebanese, he's begging nusra & isis. what a patriot! :)

Thumb marcus 05 November 2014, 08:24

propaganda speeches as both of these terror entities need each other in order to exist

Thumb joebustani 05 November 2014, 08:45

bless anyone person, entity, brigade, organization or country that inflicts extreme pain, suffering, death or destruction upon the terrorist sectarian iranian militia and its supporters wherever they maybe

Default-user-icon salim (Guest) 05 November 2014, 09:03

Return us back to the stone age? ---> thx 4 the UPGRADE

Thumb -phoenix1 05 November 2014, 14:02

Salim, yours is one of the savviest posts I've seen in a long time, smart, savvy and sharp.

Default-user-icon flamethrower_._. (Guest) 05 November 2014, 14:43

do you know why I was banned?>>>

Default-user-icon ebn-shouf (Guest) 05 November 2014, 09:34

Israel wont do anythng,if yes ahla wsahla,or maybe this time will visit them bel jalil

Missing helicopter 05 November 2014, 16:14

“If such a scenario does materialize, we will raze Lebanon to the ground! We will return it to the Stone Age and bury (Nasrallah) under the rocks,” .............
Razing Lebanon to the ground is what HA has been doing for decades. If Israel wanted to get HA and Nasrallah, they could leave Lebanon alone and flatten Dahye where Nasrallah is. The HA/Israel charade continues.

Missing ysurais 05 November 2014, 10:02

We need a Peaceful and Prosper Lebanon.. We don't want to fight anyone nor anyone fighting us..
We want jobs, security, oil, gas & Love...

Default-user-icon ysouri (Guest) 05 November 2014, 10:17

and of course the resistance

Missing appletalk 05 November 2014, 12:04

oil, gas & love! hahaha

Missing humble 05 November 2014, 10:08

What worries me is that HA wants to launch a war with the precise aim that Lebanon will be entirely destroyed....

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 November 2014, 17:37

ridiculous, nobody fought as hard as hezbollah to defend and liberate this country

Missing peace 05 November 2014, 17:43

no, defend iranian interests in Lebanon which is totally different mooowaten...

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 November 2014, 18:32

and what are those "iranian interests" exactly? liberate the south? deter israel from their agressions on us?
it's easy to throw propaganda lines around but they dont stick.

Missing peace 05 November 2014, 18:55

i don't expect anything to stick on you as a brave little hezbi soldier you are....

but anyone with common sense can clearly see that hezbollah takes the defense of Lebanon as a pretext to be the armed soldier of iran here....

and israel always threaten hezbollah never Lebanon in case you have not noticed... so hezbis are defending themselves, not Lebanon but just bring destruction upon us and you are so proud of it!

Thumb _mowaten_ 06 November 2014, 11:04

yes, israel does not threaten lebanon, as the title of this article indicates:

"Israel Threatens to Return Lebanon to Stone Age"

just take a hike peasse, you're ridiculing yourself.

Thumb -phoenix1 05 November 2014, 14:04

Sayed Hassan, your rhetoric is too fiery, anyway, we're used to you now. Israel, no surprise this time again, you too stop the concert, it's getting way too long in the tooth now.

Thumb Mystic 05 November 2014, 14:41

We've heard "Israel" say that before, only thing that is holding Israel back, is the retaliation that the Resistance, will swiftly provide them.

Missing helicopter 05 November 2014, 16:16

HA and Israel are in bed together. Israel is intent on weakening Lebanon to aid HA in becoming the dominant force. They did it in 2006 and will do it again if needed.

Thumb -phoenix1 05 November 2014, 16:47

Mystic, all I can is this: The ballet dance between Israel and HA is a tune that has become too old, too stale, no matter how sweet a song may be, play it all day long, soon after people will get bored. This is exactly how I and most Lebanese now feel.

Thumb Mystic 05 November 2014, 18:35

That's not what you said a few days ago Phoenix, back then you almost begged for no war between the two.

Missing zgmdf 06 November 2014, 06:51

What a joker!! The Resistance is primarily resisting fellow Muslims, and not Israel

Missing peace 05 November 2014, 17:38

no difference between the israeli rhetoric and hezbollah's! two extremists sides of the same coin.....

Default-user-icon ned (Guest) 05 November 2014, 18:18

good luck with that but we are getting there ourselves without any help.

Missing zgmdf 06 November 2014, 06:53

What a brave soldier!!! So you will get rid of your Pro-Iranian puppets and collaborators?