Hizbullah, Regional Forces Preparing for Escalation over Syria


Hizbullah, Israel, Iran, and Turkey are all gearing up for an escalation in the developments in the region over the crisis in Syria, a diplomat told the Kuwaiti al-Seyassah daily in remarks published on Sunday.

He said Hizbullah is preparing for the confrontation by removing its rockets from its hideouts, noting that last week’s Siddiqin explosion took place when the party hastily set up the rockets.

In addition, he said that the Turkish army has prepared three brigades to take part in the logistical implementation of possible Arab League sanctions on Syria.

He stated that France’s suggestion to set up humanitarian corridors in Syria mat be a precursor to Turkish intervention that may pave way to NATO’s interference.

Israel has also deployed regiments along its border with Lebanon and the Golan Heights, revealed the diplomat.

He spoke of European intelligence reports in Damascus and Beirut on Wednesday that said 150 Iranian experts, who are part of the Revolutionary Guard, had arrived at a Syrian military airport south of the capital as a precursor to sending them to Hizbullah in Lebanon.

The diplomat interpreted the development as a sign that Tehran and Hizbullah are awaiting “dramatic” developments by Turkey and Israel against Syria, Hizbullah, and the Lebanese army and state in order to take the necessary retaliation.

He predicted that the Syrian regime and Hizbullah are nearing their end, as is Iran’s role in the region.

This will consequently lead to the toppling of Prime Minister Najib Miqati’s government, which will fail to fund the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, he remarked.

An explosion rocked the southern town of Siddiqin last week.

Media reports said that it took place at a Hizbullah arms depot.

The party denied the allegations, while the Lebanese army said that the explosion may have been caused by a mine or cluster bomb left over from Israeli assaults against Lebanon.

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Thumb shab 27 November 2011, 14:08

Good, it's time to clean up the garbage. Let it happen before more civilans die

Default-user-icon Le PheneChien (Guest) 27 November 2011, 16:27

Let it happen now before the summer time so that our economy in the summer is not impacted. The truck loaded with explosives that hit the Marines building many years ago, has hit again the Harriri car convoy.
Time to face the real truth and a ground forces will be necessary along with the air to clean up garbage and send them back Iran so that the state is freed.

Thumb geha 27 November 2011, 16:44

as predicted, war is at our door.
be prepared guys to face the new internal war.

Default-user-icon John from Koura (Guest) 27 November 2011, 19:12

Wishful thinking by the Kuwaiti regime media. All the Western Arab puppets are scared to death and are trying to reassure themselves they do not become the next Mubarak, and lately, Saleh of Yemen which is next door to them. Also, the Gulf tyrants, for the first time, face an Iraq that is friendly to Iran.

Default-user-icon trueself (Guest) 27 November 2011, 19:28

I don't think that the war is on our doors. When the lifeline is cut off Huzbullah from Syria it will clock and surrender peacefully and become like all other factions in Lebanon a political power free from any kind of weapons. All other parties will also be disarmed and the only power in the country would be that of the armed forces. Let's not fool ourselves by saying that the resistence is hear to stay. the resistence has used its weapons internally to dominate Lebanon and disolve decades of peaceful co-exitence amongst all its religious sects.

the mantra of resistence had finally fallen apart because the real meaning of this resistence is to serve Iran.

Default-user-icon John from Syria (Guest) 27 November 2011, 19:49

Geha or Netanyaho, the Lebanese are not going to have a civil war to help the terrorist Israeli state. Stop calling for WAR.

Default-user-icon Selim Selisse (Guest) 27 November 2011, 20:41

My recommendation for those who want to confront the forces of "evil" and "darkness" is to pull their pans up and run away as fast and as far as possible. They can choose to remain, if they want. In this case, my recommendation is that they prepare paper tissues considering what we saw in the South when the Israelis were seen and heard crying like little girls. I only care about everyone's interests. And wa qad ou3zira man anzara

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 27 November 2011, 21:08

we spoiled them once in 7 th may, and it was a major mistake.

Thumb erasmus16@gmail.com 27 November 2011, 22:04

Once again, Lebanon will pay a heavy price due to the mistakes of its government and people... The only real path for Lebanon is to be neutral like Switzerland, to become the true Switzerland of the Middle East.

Missing peace 28 November 2011, 00:16

"the Revolutionary Guard, had arrived at a Syrian military airport south of the capital as a precursor to sending them to Hizbullah in Lebanon."

how can they enter, the syrians have mined the borders, no? LOL....