Shamsi Says UAE Keen on Stability of Lebanon, Honors Press Syndicate


The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Lebanon, Hamad Al-Shamsi, underlined mutual interests between Lebanon and the UAE, noting firm political relations between the two countries, the National News Agency said on Friday.

“The UAE is a loving country for Lebanon and history attests to this relationship,” said Shamsi, in remarks during a gathering honoring the new council of the Association of Lebanese Press Editors at his home in Yarzeh.

Underlining the mutual interest between the two “brotherly” countries, he said: “We have been supporting the military and security services for years, and in terms of our relationship with editors, journalists and media professionals, communication has been going on since my appointment," the ambassador said.

"We try to convey the true picture of the UAE, and try to hear and read in the Lebanese press what contributes to the stability of countries. This is due to your wisdom and your knowledge in the light of regional and international changes,” he added.

"We only intervene in Lebanon through positive messages in support of the stability of the country," Shamsi added.

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