Mikati says wrote cabinet line-up himself at night, confirms reshuffle


PM-designate Najib Mikati took the decision to submit the government draft line-up to President Michel Aoun at night.

He told al-Jadeed that he wrote it himself by hand "after everyone refrained from participating and the choices became narrow."

"I have submitted to President Aoun a government reshuffle," Mikati said, clarifying that not all ministers will be changed.

He added that no contact has been made with the Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil except during the consultations.

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Thumb i.report 29 June 2022, 15:34

Why should people care about what Miqati writes at night or dreams of. Just get to the facts, work hard and stop waffling.

Missing phillipo 29 June 2022, 21:56

Once again the consitution of Lebanon is not observed. The PM-designate has to inform / discuss with the President over the formation of the new government, but nowhere does it state that the PM HAS to accept the suggestions/demands of the President.