Lebanon’s Public Transport Strike Paralyzes Several Areas

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanon’s public transportation sector held a nationwide strike on Thursday with some drivers blocking streets with burning tires in the northern province of Akkar.

The sector decided to hold the strike between 5:00 am and 12:00 pm after the government failed to place ceilings on the price of gasoline sold to drivers.

The strike was culminated by a demonstration that kicked off at the Cola roundabout and ended at the Grand Serail in Beirut around noon.

Voice of Lebanon radio station (93.3) said not all taxi drivers abided by the strike in Beirut as cabs were seen throughout the streets of the Lebanese capital.

But buses and trucks lined on the Dora roundabout starting 5:00 am, causing severe traffic.

In Akkar, the drivers blocked several of the area’s main roads by burning tires and shouted slogans to urge the government to meet their demands, the National News Agency reported.

Their action caused bumper-to-bumper traffic and prevented the majority of students and employees from reaching their destinations.

Also in the north, the port city of Tripoli witnessed blocking of roads to protest the spiraling rise in fuel prices.

The sector was also on strike in the southern city of Tyre as drivers headed early in the morning with their vehicles to the Serail to make their voices heard.

The head of the union of taxi drivers in the South, Qassem Shebli, told NNA that the situation has become intolerable.

“We are not asking for the impossible. On the contrary, we call for the implementation of the law … to put a ceiling on the price of gasoline sold to all the Lebanese,” he said.

The sector warned that it would resort to an open-ended strike on May 14 if its demands were not met.

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Default-user-icon hybridmAn (Guest) 26 April 2012, 10:46

Buy hybrid cars smarty pants. 450km per 20l and stop polluting

Thumb Captain 26 April 2012, 12:41

The taxis in Lebanon should run like in Armenia. They should have a visible number and you call a taxi when you need one. I don't like the fact that taxis run around even empty which not only creates traffic, but cause accidents because of their aggressive driving. Also taxis should be metered. This way we have less pollution, a more organized system and cost effective. They should always communicate by CB radio between each other to make sure the closest taxi picks up the client.

Thumb Captain 26 April 2012, 15:05

I believe if we organize the taxis, put stringent schedule for trucks, give license to the water taxi project and also put high fines on traffic violations, then we would have a perfect flow of traffic where you would have more mileage to your fuel and reach your destination cost effectively and on-time.

Missing allouchi 26 April 2012, 15:01

Wayna al Houkoumi? lol

Missing samiam 26 April 2012, 19:42

Too many taxis around--limit the number and give the ability to raise their fares too. 2,000LL is too little and if you raise the fares, there will be less people wanting to take the taxis which is why we also have to reduce the number out there.

Just sit around count the number of cars with red plates driving around and see how many of them are empty. We could do with a lot less of them on the roads.