Alain Aoun: We Will Resume Bkirki Committee Proceedings at Patriarch's Request

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Change and Reform bloc MP Alain Aoun reiterated on Saturday the Free Patriotic Movement's decision to no longer take part in the Bkirki committee discussions on reaching an agreement on a new parliamentary electoral law, reported An Nahar daily on Sunday.

He said: “We will return to the committee if Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi requested it.”

“The manner in which the discussion are made should be changed if any side decides to retract their commitment to any agreement,” he added.

“The retraction of the agreement over an electoral law based on proportional representation led to the disruption of the committee's work,” he remarked.

“We may reconsider our position if a new development takes place that requires our presence,” continued Aoun.

“Once that happens, then the patriarch knows what to do,” he stated.

“The members of the Bkirki committee have contradicted their commitment to the agreement reached during our meetings,” said the MP.

“We will decide our next step once we are informed of what the Lebanese Forces, Phalange Party, and independent MPs propose over the electoral law,” he revealed.

The MP had announced on September 12 the FPM's suspension of its participation at the talks after “the LF and Phalange Party backed down from their commitment to the electoral law based on proportional representation after the Mustaqbal and Progressive Socialist Party voiced their opposition to it.”

“The LF and Phalange Party are entitled to back down from previous commitments, but they have to acknowledge it,” said Aoun during a press conference.

He accused the two parties of “squandering an historic opportunity for Christians to improve their representation at parliament.”

The cabinet approved in August a draft-law that divides the country into 13 medium-sized districts based on proportional representation.

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Missing 16 September 2012, 13:31

Go sit will your cohorts on some rusty phone poles and rotate... You and your gang are nothing but replicas of Judas...

Default-user-icon Disgusted (Guest) 16 September 2012, 13:37

You and your boss Ali Baba are nothing but a bunch of bandits and backstabbers... you are a disgrace to the Christians of Lebanon...
Enjoy you reign while it lasts... So many like you have come and gone and you are soon to follow... Maybe you should call yourself hassan Aoun...

Thumb geha 16 September 2012, 13:59

fpm agrees to a law favoring them and then they accuse thers of switching the agreement! :)
really laughable :))))
is there anyone sain person who believes them?

Missing lqu7 16 September 2012, 14:12

I think Bkerki and FPM are giving too much credit to the other Christian parties, who are present in Saad's pockets. His back pockets even. Gemayel and Geagea will agree to whatever is in Saad's interest, even if it means Lebanon as one dayra.

Thumb CuriousMole 16 September 2012, 17:19

@lqu7: I hope FPM is paying you a salary. At leasty ou'll be doing this for the money. Pity if you're simply brainwashed that deep...

Missing peace 16 September 2012, 18:02

such a tiny little country and no one is able to make it prosper and developped...

shame on the lebanese politicians and their sheep followers.they only have the country they deserve.

Missing minlibnan 16 September 2012, 20:01

This made it to the news? Who cares! How about reporting on the state of our health care!