Israel PM Says Sharp Rise in cyber Attacks from Iran through Hizbullah, Hamas

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Israel has been the target of a growing number of cyber attacks from Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.

"In recent months, we have identified a significant rise in the scope of cyber attacks by Iran which are carried out directly by Iran and its proxies Hizbullah and Hamas," he told a cyber security conference at Tel Aviv University.

"The targets are essential systems," he said without elaborating, in remarks communicated by his office.

"We are building the capability to deal with the attacks and we are holding back most of them while aspiring to build a 'digital Iron Dome'," he said of Israel's vaunted missile defense system.

Israel has come under repeated cyber attack in recent years and has set up a dedicated government unit to combat this.

In April, the Shin Bet domestic security agency reported what it said was a mass assault by hacker groups, although it caused only negligible damage.

In November, Israel said it was hit by an "unprecedented" cyber-warfare campaign as it waged an eight-day operation against Gaza militants.

At the time, the activist group Anonymous claimed it had downed or erased the databases of nearly 700 Israeli sites in protest against the offensive.

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Thumb benzona 09 June 2013, 20:38

Stop la're verbally attacking your partners in crime.

Thumb Senescence 10 June 2013, 04:49

I see, so you're vexed because of the inconvenience caused by the defacement of some random Israeli sites, which is a reaction to expanding settlements, forcing people out of their homes, killing men, women, and children in the process, denying Palestinians their right to internationally decreed land, detaining thousands without trial, and violating almost every ethical code everyday -- gee, I wonder why these hackers have their panties all up in a bunch.

Thumb dandoun 10 June 2013, 08:29

he is called a DUMBO .. OR a DONKEY hehehehehehe