Suspect Killed in Zgharta Shootout as Family Members Retaliate

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A wanted suspect was killed in a shootout with police during a chase in the district of Zgharta in the North, the Internal Security Forces announced in a statement on Friday.

It said that as an ISF patrol was monitoring an unlicensed constitutional site, when the suspect Abdul Hamid Hassoun happened to pass by the area.

The security forces promptly demanded that he halt, but he responded by opening fire against them from a gun that was in his possession, added the statement.

He soon got into a white Mercdes Benz and fled the scene with another unidentified man.

A chase ensued along a dirt-road until they reached a dead end.

Hassoun then got out of the car and began shooting at the patrol, forcing it to fire back in defense.

He was wounded and transported to nearby hospital, but he soon passed away, said the ISF statement.

The National News Agency Hassoun was heading towards the area of al-Aayrouniyeh in his white Mercedes when the security forces began chasing him in Mejdlaya.

Hassoun was wanted for possessing arms at construction sites and for preventing security forces from performing their duties.

Later on Friday, Wassef Abdul Hadi and Ziad Hassoun tossed a hand grenade at an ISF vehicle parked in front of a police station in the Abi Samra neighborhood of the northern city of Tripoli in retaliation to the Zgharta incident, reported Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3).

Security forces are pursuing the assailants to arrest them, it added.

Armed members of the Hassoun family have since taken to the streets in a number of neighborhoods in Tripoli, said VDL.

The army has brought in reinforcements to the city to ease the tensions, it reported.

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Thumb jcamerican 14 June 2013, 11:14

Good job.

Default-user-icon Skyboy (Guest) 14 June 2013, 12:13


Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 14 June 2013, 12:59

Hayda Haki!

Thumb charbel 14 June 2013, 13:04

one down, many many more to go

Thumb dasphinx 14 June 2013, 14:25

Put them all in prison. If Hezbollah gets away with it in their ghettos it doesn't mean we have to accept it in other areas.

Thumb geha 14 June 2013, 15:29

Samer Hanna

Thumb veritas 14 June 2013, 15:31

Let me remind u HS lover: Samer Hanna!!!!! The police attack in Dahye!!!!!! The attacks on the army in Baalbak!!!!!! The attacks on police in Britel!!!!!!! Not to mention the attempted assassination of Boutros Harb and the accused in all the other assassinations since 2005, AND THE YOUNG MAN THAT WAS MURDERED IN FRONT OF THE ARMY AND FELLOW STUDENTS (THEY'RE NOT COPS SO THEY DON'T COUNT RIGHT???????)!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST TO NAME A FEW!!!!!! THINGS LIKE U MAKE ME SICK.... THINGS LIKE U ARE A SHAME TO THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) 14 June 2013, 15:43

it was better to keep quiet,garbage is garbage anywhere

Thumb Bandoul 14 June 2013, 17:23

Ooooops sorry Mowaten, I forogot, the saints of HA only shoot Army officers piloting a clearly marked LEBANESE ARMY helicopter. My bad.

Thumb superhabib 14 June 2013, 19:16

Still whining about Samer Hanna, who was killed in an accident, while Salafis are purposely killing soldiers weekly?

Missing helicopter 14 June 2013, 19:37

They only shoot on Helicopters and assassinate Intelligence chiefs, Army Commanders. They do not waste their time on low level personnel. Oh and one more thing, they do not shoot on them because the army does nnot interfere when they occupy Beirut or kill a protesters in front of them. So the army does not give them any reason to shoot them.

Thumb benzona 14 June 2013, 23:07

Colonel el Hassan. Ma his soul RIP. they didn't shoot, they bombed him.

Thumb dasphinx 14 June 2013, 14:25

Put them all in prison. If Hezbollah gets away with it in their ghettos it doesn't mean we have to accept it in other areas.

Missing -karim_m3 14 June 2013, 14:29

Arrest the February 14-sympathizing terrorists and hang them.

Thumb veritas 14 June 2013, 15:35

ahhahahahhahah u're such an IDIOT it's actually AMUSING and FUNNY!!!!!!

Thumb veritas 14 June 2013, 16:45

U are then forced to stand and fight back!!! It's unfortunate but TRUE!!!!!

Default-user-icon Beesho Mouvamente (Guest) 14 June 2013, 16:33

ahl al sanni are getting crazier and crazier and crazier, this in addition to being filthier than the filthiest filth. But then what is sanni after all? allahou BOOM akbar

Thumb veritas 14 June 2013, 16:44

All jokes aside, u're right, but when a group of individuals hold u and ur family hostage to their ideology and keep dragging u deeper and deeper into the lions den then u have to do something about it!!! Especially when this ideology causes harm and death (no matter how and why) u have have to say enough is enough. U should always try and be diplomatic but when diplomacy fails u cannot stand aside and watch everything that is meaningful to u be destroyed!!!!!