Qassem Says Hizbullah Rejects 8-8-8 Formula: Hariri Incites Sectarian Strife, Supports Terrorism

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah deputy leader Sheikh Naim Qassem rejected on Wednesday the 8-8-8 cabinet formula, calling for a “balanced representation” of the party and its allies.

"Hizbullah completely rejects the 8-8-8 cabinet formula now and in the future,” Qassem announced in a speech he gave at the funeral of two the party's members killed in Syria, calling for a political council of ministers that is “based on partnership.”

He explained: "We named Premier-designate Tammam Salam to form a national unity cabinet that gains national consensus. It will only be as such if it takes into consideration the sizes of the political parties at the parliament.”

“Hizbullah will not accept to take a marginal role that does not affect decision-making in the cabinet.”

On a different note, the Hizbullah official accused al-Mustaqbal bloc leader MP Saad Hariri of “looking for a political future through an American-Israeli project.”

"Hariri is mistaken in looking for a political future following a American-Israeli rhythm ,” Qassem expressed.

He added: “Also he is also mistaken when he incites sectarian strife, rejects a national unity cabinet and supports terrorists in Lebanon and Syria.”

Qassem defended Hizbullah's involvement in Syria, saying it aims at “supporting the resistance.”

"We are not fighting for any group and we say it loudly that we are with the resistance. We are fighting in Syria to defend the resistance.”

Qassem elaborated that the party is not facing a Sunni project but an American-Israeli plan.

"We have no sectarian motives,” he assured, slamming groups inciting religious strife as “losers and incompetent of telling their people the truth.”

"What do they tell their people when they are getting arms from Israel with the U.S and Europe's blessings?”

Addressing regimes urging Hizbullah of withdrawing its fighters from Syria, Qassem said: “To be eligible for giving advice, first close Israel's embassies and interests in your countries and provide the resistance with weapons.”

Qassem's comment comes as a response to Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi's announcement of "definitive" severing of relations with Syria, by closing the regime's embassy in Cairo and recalling Egypt's charge d'affaires in Damascus.

Morsi also slammed Hizbullah's interference in the Syrian war, demanding the party to leave the war-torn country.

"Egyptians stood by Hizbullah in 2006 and today we stand against the party for its involvement in the war against the people," he said in a speech on Saturday.

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Missing dabehshabiha 19 June 2013, 17:56

ahahahaahha these shia are class acts man, taqqiya on steriods, hahahahaahahahahahaha Karbaalalalalalla

Thumb beiruti 19 June 2013, 18:56

Hezbollah, which has total disregard for the Lebanese Constitution, laws, government and her people. It has as much admitted that it follows the orders of a foreign country, Iran, and carries out orders issued by Iran to militarily intervene in the Syrian Civil War when official Lebanese policy is one of non-engagement, this Hezbollah demands a veto power in the Council of Ministers.
Its leadership needs to be rounded up, tried for treason, taken out back and shot. Yet, it is through Kassem demanding the right to decision making in a government whose very authority Hezbollah has disregarded.
The host in the owners home has seized the home, made himself master and made the owner to be a guest in his own home.

Missing nai0271 19 June 2013, 20:53

funny that this terrorist can call others terrorists

Missing samiam 19 June 2013, 21:05

more obstruction by hizb iran so they can do what they want

Thumb Dr.I.Mughniyeh_theheadless 19 June 2013, 21:52

“Hariri looking for a political future through an American-Israeli project... Hariri is mistaken in looking for a political future following a American-Israeli rhythm” Qassem expressed.

can't this headbanging hopping jumping brain damaged Iranian foreign legionnaire come up with new accusations to call his opponents. These are the same lame, stale, paint by numbers one these idiots accused Bashir Gemayel and then Michel Aoun with. Come on Naiim be more creative little buddy your Mom once you know who she is will be proud of you don't you want that.

Thumb general_puppet 20 June 2013, 07:06

8-8-8 cabinet formula... that is fair as can be, except to the Iranians